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Best Free Video Accelerator Software To Stream Online Video Faster


Video Accelerator Software,  online video streaming improvement software that uses multi TCP connection algorithm technology to increase online video streaming faster on your computer. So, you will get better streaming results as compared to default video streaming rate.

With Video Accelerator software, it can eliminate the time wasting frustration or video gets stuck and then resumes and then again pauses problem. So, presenting below are some of the Video Accelerating Software able to stream online video faster.

Best Free Video Accelerating Software List:

SpeedBit Video Accelerator

SpeedBit video accelerator

SpeedBit is certainly one of my favorite Video Accelerator. It reduces picture freezes or buffering problems and makes online video streaming at a faster pace. With SpeedBit, expect flash videos to get streaming up to five times faster. So, whether it is YouTube or other streaming websites, SpeedBit is the best way to go. The Video Accelerator configures itself automatically to seamlessly provide you with the best web video experience available.

Each time SpeedBit Video Accelerator improves the performance of a YouTube style video, a Now Accelerating message appears from your desktop tray to let you know it is working. Additionally, you can look at the YouTube video progress bar and see that the video is being loaded in rapid chunks, taking leaps forward instead of gradual and slow progress.

Leawo Video Accelerator

Leawo Video Accelerating Software

Leawo Free Video Accelerator is a free video accelerator that can effectively speed up video playback. But, it not just is a video accelerator; it also is a browser, video downloader, video player and video manager. So, with Leawo, you can search videos from internet, play videos with accelerated speed, download videos with accelerated speed, and manage videos you have viewed and downloaded. It comes with built in FLV Player. So, you need not install flash player to play downloaded or incompletely downloaded videos.

Bywifi Video Accelerator

Bywifi Video accelerator

Bywifi Video Accelerator is yet another free utility for downloading, transcoding and accelerating video streaming. It supports downloading, transcoding and P2P accelerating videos from all video websites, such as Youtube, Dailymotion, Metacafe, MySpace, Yahoo, Justin.tv, etc.  The bitrate of video streaming is around 5 times faster with Bywifi than without it.  You can even transcode videos into mobile format with this utility. Moreover, you the video gets resumed automatically once you open the browser after closing. So, for the same video, it does not need to buffer again when you close the Web Browser


SpeedyiTunes - itunes online video accelerator

SpeedyiTunes lets you download streaming videos up to 3 times faster than original. The utility not only does stream sites like YouTube, Hulu, MySpace, MSN Video, but also helps download acceleration of iso, rar, exe and other file formats. It comes with FLV downloader and automatically records flash while viewing. There is also a video converter, which comes embedded in this utility.  It lets you convert YouTube/FLV video to iPod/iPhone/PSP/MP3 and add it automatically to your iTunes library. Moreover, SpeedyiTunes can also automatically record online mp3 while listening.

Personally, I prefer SpeedBit Video Accelerator. Well, it does not come with any other side features like downloader or browser, but it certainly streams video much faster.  SpeedyiTunes is good, if you want to use converter as well to convert the streaming video. Leawo is another option if you want the combo of browser, downloader and video player.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab any one of the above mentioned products to speed up streaming videos. Also, let us know, if you have encountered any other better or similar Video Accelerator.