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Speed Up Torrent Download Speed with BitTorrent Acceleration Tools


BitTorrent Acceleration Tools,  A simple torrent tools increase your torrent downloading speed within few clicks. Meanwhile, this free Bit torrent acceleration tools can be apply on all torrent client.

free bittorrent accelerator tool - speed up torrent downloading speed

However, this torrent speed tools performs as low level manager that optimized and Increased BitTorrent (BT) download speed by connecting to multiple source and listen to the best port available. According to the developer, the BitTorrent Acceleration Tool able to boost torrent download speed up to 300% according to their tests. Plus more, The torrent acceleration tool doesn’t need much user action as the functionality is fully automated. Therefore the interface is very simple and intuitive.

BitTorrent Acceleration Tools Features:

– capable of high acceleration rate (up to 300%)
– will do the job with minimum user intervention
– user friendly interface
– low resource consumption; can run as a tray icon
– free of TROJANS, SPYWARE and ADS
– run of the most Windows platforms

So, this Bittorrent acceleeration tools is the best torrent speed up tools compare to manually configure increase torrent download speed.

Download BitTorrent Acceleration Tool