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TopDesk – Windows XP Flip 3D Like Windows Vista


TopDesk, A Windows based 3D flip application that lets you use hot keys, mouse hotspots or floating desktop buttons to view and sort all of your open application windows. This Windows 3D flip let you experiences switching programs event , windows navigation and management like Windows Vista features which allows users to easily identify and jump or switch to another open window by displaying 3D snapshot thumbnail preview of all windows in stack that is scrollable with mouse’s wheel or arrow keys.

Besides this, TopDesk also lets you hide all windows instantly like the Desktop button on the Quick Launch bar. To activate TopDesk 3D flip features, users can set it to replace the Alt-Tab menu, just hit F9, set hotspots on the screen like corners, or set floating buttons that can be clicked on by a mouse of TabletPC pen.

TopDesk - Windows XP 3D Flipping Program

Simple summary that TopDesk include:

  • Displays thumbnails of all applications, including minimized applications, in 2D and 3D views.
  • Shows thumbnails of all windows belonging to the current application.
  • Hides all windows for quick access the desktop.
  • While tiled, can display the title of the currently selected window or the titles of all tiled windows.
  • Windows can be closed and minimized/restored while tiled.
  • Completely configurable: Hot keys, mouse hotspots, floating buttons, window titles, and performance settings can all be changed.
  • Supports multiple monitors.

Anyway, You can enjoy free 30 days trials on TopDesk first or take a look at the videos here, ( the Topdesk video demonstration are quite impressive.) If you like 3D flipping program after trails, then just get Topdesk pay version (14.95USD). 😉