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UltraDefrag – Free Windows Disk Defragment Utility


UltraDefrag, a free Windows disk defragment utility that allow you faster and better defragmenting your hard disk compare to the native Windows Defrag tools. This free defragment utility engine technology is running Windows Defrag API on Kernel Mode. So, it can perform greater defragmentation to keep your hard disk in a tip top shape.

As UltraDefrag Windows disk defragment utility come with three interfaces mode : GUI interface with nice color coding, a console as a Command Line Interface (CLI) and a native interface which starts and runs at boot time. Plus more,  Ultradefrag functionality is easy to use with few button only.

UltraDefragment - Free Windows Disk Defragment Utility

Once completion of the defragment hard disk analysis, Ultra Defragmenter will place an HTML report on the drive containing the fragmented files and the number of fragments. If all you want is the report of fragmented files just generate it by pressing Fragmented button in the interface (look for FRAGLIST.HTM report in the root of the drive).

If you need a faster defragmentation process, you can configure UltraDefrag to include or exclude files from the defrag process which you might want skip files larger than a certain size.

UltraDefrag - Defragment filter files features

The Free UltraDefrag Disk Defragment utility is a little under 100KB and it comes with native x64 support. It can work with no problems on most Windows editions (Windows 2000, XP, Server 2003, Vista, 64-bit platforms included). No NT 4.0 support though.

Download UltraDefrag from Sourceforge here.