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Update AVG Rescue CD Virus Definition Offline


Previously i have written a post about how to create AVG Rescue CD on compact disc and create AVG Rescue USB on flash drive.

As you know, AVG rescue CD consider wonderful antivirus tool to rescue those infected computer or remove virus threats that unable boot up normally. But this bootable antivirus rescue CD may not feasible for those offline computers that doesn’t have Internet connectivity to update latest AVG virus definition database.

Without latest AVG virus definition update limitation, AVG rescue CD can’t detecting the latest virus threats during the virus scanning. The latest virus or malware still remain active at the computer and slowing down the computer performance.

To overcome unable AVG Rescue CD Offline update virus definition problem on offline computer, AVG company has come out offline AVG virus definition pack to detect latest virus threat.

Below are the step by step, which you can update AVG Rescue CD virus definition offline from file directory as below step:

How To Update AVG Rescue CD Virus Definition offline:

1. Download AVG Rescue CD Virus Definition update file from a computer with an Internet connection as below screenshot. AVG rescue CD virus definition file named IAVI as below screen:

AVG Rescue CD Virus Definition

2. Create a new AVG updates folder in your Pen drive or hard drive. Copy and paste the downloaded update file on this newly created directory.

3. Boot from AVG Rescue CD and select Update, which shows the following options

  • Online : Update  from the internet
  • Offline:  Update from the directory.
  • Download :Download update files from the internet.

4. Now select offline option to navigate through partition and choose AVG updates folder. Run the update. After the update use “Return “ to come to scan. Then you scan your computer using AVG rescue CD with the latest update of virus definition database.