BitDefender 10 Free Edition – Anti Virus Version


Everyone also like free anti virus software to protect their PC. So, BitDefender 10 Free edition perhaps is a good free anti virus for you. BitDefender 10 free edition is the only BitDefender product for free and the best part of this free anti virus comes with the ICSA Labs certified scanning engines found in other BitDefender products ( BitDefender Anti Virus 2008 or BitDefender Total Security 2008 ), allowing you to enjoy basic virus protection for no cost at all.

Meanwhile, the protection functionality of BitDefender 10 free edition is similar like the AVG 8.0 free edition or BitDefender Anti virus 2008 version. But, the only difference from other free anti virus whereby which it doesn’t provides real time protection. It perform virus scanning based on demand scanning only for detection and removal of all viruses in the wild every time you need it.

BitDefender 10 Free Edition

However, you can plan a scheduled scanning for regular interval scanning full system/drive scans in the off hours, when you won’t be using your computer. Meanwhile, other security features like immediate scanning, scanning report or quarantine also provided.

However, i not really recommended using BitDefender 10 free edition because there are a lot of free anti virus software like AVG Anti Virus 8.0 free edition which provides real time protection for your computer OS. So, the choices still remain on you.

Supporting operating system for BitDefender 10 free edition are Windows 98/ NT-SP6/ Me/ 2000/ XP IE 4.0(+)

Download BitDefender Free Edition

  • Jonny Bonny

    I used to love BitDefender, but a virus attack got me in the end. I’ve since used AVG and Avast, but the viruses sneak past them too even with real time protection. I feel my computer isn’t fast enough for real time protection, but I wonder if BitDefender does real time memory protection?

    If that’s the case, it’s probably all I need.


    I didn’t know bitdefender had a free version. Thanks for the link.

  • rahul gupta

    bit deffender free edition v10

  • rahul gupta

    bit deffender free editon 10

  • seth

    well without real time protection, this version is pretty much useless then. It can only be used if you already got another anti virus protecting you and you want a second opinion…

  • I am all for free Av software for home use, but I cannot see many companies or organizations going that direction. The updates are just not there and the software is, by my experience, just not reliable.

  • wasim john

    I want to use this software for personal use in our home.