How to Change Removable Disk Default Icons


Here is a simple tip to change removable disk default icons in windows. As you can see the default removable disk icons is similar like windows hard drives icons, which might confusing windows user and very hard to difference them.

Windows Removable drive icons

To avoid this icons confusion or improves the visibility of the removable drives, you can customize the removable disk icons with other icons within four simple step only. The removable disk icons customization step is simple to implement and customize the icons of the USB stick icons.

How to changes the removable hard drive icons step:

  1. Choose a nice and pretty icons with .ico extension which the icons will represent the removable disk icons (Link for Quality Vista Icons)
  2. Create an autorun.inf using notepad and entering text showed below to display Customize Removable drive icons commandicons to represent the removable drive icons. [AutoRun ]Label= “Name of Removable Disk “Icon= “Icon’s_Name.ico”
  3. Copy both files (autorun.inf and Icon file) to your removable drive and make the both files as hidden files to avoid accidentally delete the autorun files and icons.
  4. Unplug and plug it back the removable drives . Then you will see a brand new icons and new name that represent your removable hard drive.

Here is the output of changing removable disk default icons tutorial, now the removable disk can been noticed easier.
Customize Removable drive icons  and name

  • km

    @Balkan and Cubex,

    Do you placed the autorun.inf files at the removable drives.

    if not, there will be no icons display

  • Adventurer Alive

    Wonderful….. take a picture of each device and create the icon from the picture! Live in the real world! throw away your t-shirts and get outside and live!

  • me

    it needs to be in the format

  • nartabriz

    very good
    it’s working

  • Paul

    This works, but the icon reverts back to the default when the card is removed.
    How do you change it so that the new icon is permenant?


    it works just fine. be sure to make it AUTORUN.inf people. ^^

    wont work with other filename.

    make it as system file so it wudn’t be seen even if u

    have option show hidden files enabled. ^^

  • Malinga

    Where is the usb icon they used from?

  • km


    You can search and download USB icon(.ico format) from the internet.

  • sumit

    you gives a great info,. after read this post its force me to try out this trick. thanks

  • Sunil

    Great info.. worked for me like a charm.. thanks a lot!!!

  • Sooraj Jesingani

    wht is the standard resolution of an icon (.ico) file….????

  • km


    The standard ico resolution is 16 pixels by 16 pixels.

    • Sooraj Jesingani

      @km: thnx buddy..