Lock Personal Folder With Password on Windows Using Folder Locking Freeware


Locking your Windows folder with password has been easy using folder locking freeware to enhance your windows folder privacy and security. Besides locking windows folder with password, locking folders and files also effectively protects you from malicious programs such as viruses, worms, and Trojan horses.

So, i have listed download few folder locking freeware which you can use freely without paying a single cent to lock your windows folder with password. The folder locking freeware are called My Folder and Instant Lock,

Folder locking freeware List to lock Windows folder with password :

My Folder

My Folder - Vista Folder Lock

A free windows folder lock program designed to protect your files and folders privacy. My Folder allows you attach password to any windows folder that you on local hard drive. Then a password is required on access attempt to the protected folder. Meanwhile, My Folder lock program can even use on multi user environment and even Folder are locked with password in safe mode or DOS mode.

Download My Folder

Instant Lock – Free File and folder lock freeware

instant lock hide folders

Free locking program that provides password protection on your windows files and folder.  Beside locking folder with password, Instant lock even can make folders completely invisible from other users and the protected files are not even accessible from safe mode and DOS prompt.  Plus more, it’s a fully portable security program to lock your files and data on portable removable drive and support run on XP and vista.

Download Instant Lock

Microsoft Private Folder

my private folder - free microsoft private folder lock with password

Microsoft Private Folder is a Windows folder password tool to protect your private data.  With this folder password locking tool, you will get one password protected folder called My Private Folder in your account to save your personal files.

Download Microsoft Private Folder

Folder Lockbox

Folder LockBox - Free Windows Folder Password locking utility

Folder Lockbox is a folder locking utility that will help you to password protect any folder on your computer. Meanwhile, the protected folder (lockbox) can be hidden from any user and application of your system.
The folder locking program is simple to use. You can set the lockbox location and the password during the setup procedure. After the setup is done, folder lockbox will be hidden and locked until you enter the valid password.

Download Folder LockBox

SonySoft Folder Lock – Simple Windows folder locking utility

Free simple Windows Locking Software

A windows folder locking utility that allows you attach password on windows folders to prevent other viewing your folder files information. Each time you will be prompted for password when open the protected windows folder by SonySoft Folder lock.

Download Sonysoft Folder Lock

So, the folder locking freeware with password protection for sure bring your folder files privacy better and more secure. 🙂

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    quero estatalar esse pograma esse site para mim bloquear minhas pastas.

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  • Paul Robinson

    Please somebody tell me which one is suitable protect files in the portable usb hard disk

  • kapil

    SonySoft Folder Lock does not work !!! i protected folder , but when i double click it goes direct to my control panel of windows showing hidden system files…

  • OmMaR

    lol. try trueCrypt and it is open source

  • Ryan

    Please help…
    SonySoft Folder Lock does not work !!! i was able to lock folder but when i double click it goes direct to my control panel of windows showing hidden system file. please give me advice for how can open my folder? disappointment… please reply me.my email address is flying.moetain@gmail.com

  • Ryan

    Follow step and unlock folder.

    Sonysoft folder make the whole morning spent my time. bullshit

  • Yarrgovich

    So how does one go about uninstalling this program? I’ve been checking Google, with no luck (the only results talk about uninstalling via an options menu, which does not seem to exist).

    Note, that I DO NOT need to unlock a folder, I want to UNINSTALL the program.

  • Ajaya Ghimire

    I am a user of this Sonysoft Folder Lock software. But it does not work as mentioned. I was surprise when my folder icon turn into Control Panel’s icon instead of Folder Icon with Lock sign. Even more surprise when i tried to open my folder it does not ask for a password rather than it goes to control panel having correct address in address bar… n then i uninstall the program but the problem is the same…. any one cud suggest me to recover my files… I appreciate your kind suggestions..

    many thanks

  • Biju

    This site does a very good job for us to download good and useful freeware .
    thank you very much

  • Rafsan

    i am user of sonysoft folder.but it does not work properly

    • km

      Which windows version that you use ? I believe the Sonysoft folder can’t support latest Windows 7