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Windows Cleaner To Improve Windows System Performance


Here is a list of Windows cleaner utilities series that perform system optimization, registry cleaner and computer unused files and history clean up and other allowing Windows to run faster and freeing up valuable hard disk space plus improving your computer overall performance.

But the best parts of these Windows cleaner utilities are fast and contain NO Spyware or Adware! :). Over here, each of cleaner utilities that stated below can perform various windows performance improvement. Plus more, all cleaner utilities are free to use.

List of Windows Cleaner utilities Freeware to improve windows performance :


CCleaner - Remove Temporary and Unnecessary Files

a freeware system optimization and privacy tool removes unused files from your system. It allows Windows to run faster and freeing up valuable hard disk space. It also cleans traces of your online activities such as your Internet history. But the best part is that it’s fast (normally taking less that a second to run) and free.

DCleaner – Drive Cleaner

dcleaner - drive cleaner

DCleaner is a freeware system cleaner and optimizer that cleans up unused temporary files and recent file lists from your computer. DCleaner can clean all Temporary files, MRU (Most Recently Used) Lists, Recent File Lists, and Cookies which are commonly found in the system temp folder, temporary internet files folder, cookies folder, recycle bin and recent documents list. It improves overall performance and reliability for your pc while gaining your precious hard-disk space back that has been lost overtime.

eCleaner – Email Cleaner

eCleaner - Email Cleaner

Email cleaner utilities removes ” > ” character from forwarding e-mail messages, making them look cleaner and preventing choppy word wraps. Plus more, eCleaner also can strip off HTML tags and even old headers with all the To: lines containing past recipients of the message.

FCleaner – All in one Windows Cleaning Tools

FCleaner All-in-one windows cleaning tools

All-in-one Windows cleaning and optimization tool that removes unused files that are eating up your disk space and slowing your system down, tweaks your system and allows your Windows to run faster. FCleaner can also protect your privacy such as Internet History, the Cookies that websites leave behind. You can erase all the traces of your online activities in just one click with the help of FCleaner.

KCleaner – Hard Disk Cleaner

KCleaner - Hard disk cleaner

A hard disk cleaner utility that tracking every useless byte in order to give you all the resources you may need for your documents, music, pictures, movies,… It is the first product of this kind featuring a full automatic mode, which works in background so that you don’t have to care about when to launch it. As a proof of its efficiency, it often finds up to many Gb not even seen by its competitors so… give KCleaner a try ! And if data security is something you are interested in, you’ll love the secured file deletion methods proposed by KCleaner, making deleted files unrecoverable by any known mean.


LCleaner - Windows History Temp clean

Free files cleaning tool to free up disk space by clearing system temporary files, user temporary files, Windows log files, Windows memory dump files, recycle bin, recent documents list, run list MRU, common dialogs MRU, typed URLs and more. LCleaner is very easy to use just select the items you would like to clean and then press the Clean Selected button.



Windows utilities freeware that helps you remove thousands of unnecessary files in one fell swoop. nCleaner consider as multiple Windows task applications help you clean up your hard drive by removing temp files, clearing your saved passwords, tweak your windows start up items , clean up registry and securely erasing files. The nCleaner files size is only 875 Kilobytes.

Meanwhile, most of this cleaner utilities can run as portable purpose. If you know other windows cleaner utilities. Let us know !!! 🙂