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If you want to send free fax international but don’t have a fax machine or sending international fax cost seems prohibitive. Then there is an online fax services called “Hello Fax” that might resolve your international faxes problem, which allows you send an online fax for free to any fax machine in the world.

Hello Fax is an online fax company that recently partnered with Google Drive, which allows any Google user send free fax now up to 50 fax pages per month to any fax machine in the world for a maximum of 6 months. To sign up this free online fax promotion is easy, all you need is a web browser and a Google account.

Hello Fax Send Free Fax Online

To get started, just navigate to Drive. Then click the “Sign-up with Google” link. Upon sign-in into Hello Fax, you will navigate to “Send a Fax” page. Over there, you can start uploading any document and put in a fax number (with country code) to send your first online fax. Once your fax has been successfully delivered, a copy of the outbound fax document will be automatically saved in your Google.

Besides that, you can send Word documents, PDFs, text files, images and several other popular formats or pulling in document files directly from online cloud document storage like SkyDrive, Box, Dropbox, Evernote and Google Drive accounts for faxing purposes.

However, this online free fax account will only help you send faxes to other numbers. In order to receive faxes from external source, you can sign up their 30 days receiving fax number trials first. This fax numbers will work exactly like a fax line. People will be able to send you faxes from physical fax machines and other computer fax services. Once there are somebody send fax to you via fax numbers, Hello Fax will forward the fax to your email address as a PDF. You can purchase an incoming fax number that costs around $7.99 per month if you find that this feature is useful.


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