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People are on the go even more now than ever and because of this, they need to have access to their software at any time, no matter where they are. What happens if your computer is lost or stolen the day before your big presentation? Well, if you don’t have your presentation saved to a backup Scandisk, then you’re out of luck because that presentation is gone. But, you can prevent any loss of time by using different online presentation software. All you need to create a presentation is an internet connection and one of the following online presentation software.

Online Presentation Software List:


Prezi is the zooming presentation editor, they want to change the way that presentations are created and shown. Prezi allows users the ability to show ideas in one space and how they relate, which helps the presenter and the audience connect. With Prezi you can zoom out to see the details of the big picture and you can zoom in to review the details – its very similar to web-based map services like Google Maps. Take a look at their introduction video to see exactly what the experience looks like.
Prezi - Online Presentation software

Slide Rocket

Although this paid service may drive some people away, their free version features much of the same important features that make Slide Rocket such an attractive presentation option. With the paid service you get unlimited presentations and storage for up to 250Mb. They offer it as a free service but once that runs out, you are free to upgrade at any time. Storage space is important if you create a lot of presentations and need a way to back them up without being on a computer, although some presentations can be quite large, so the 250Mb could run out very quickly.
Slide Rocket- Presentation now made simple with this free online version


No that’s not a typo, that’s Empressr. Empressr, despite having an awkwardly spelled name, is a very solid online alternative to PowerPoint. It has a lot of interesting features like the ability to quickly embed content from Flickr, Photobucket and Imgur. If you use a lot of graphic art or you put different slides into your presentation, then Empressr would be the software for you. It also provides a platform for sharing of documents.
Empressr - Online presentation and slideshow software

Google Slides – Google Online Presentation Maker

The best thing about Google Docs is that its a completely free service, but it may not have all of the options and features your used to, so you may be forced to look for more advanced options online. Google Docs has come a long way, but if all you need is a simple presentation, then Google Docs is definitely the right choice for you. It’s completely open source and you can access it wherever you go. There’s even mobile apps for Google Docs that let you update your presentation on the go.
Google Slide - Free online presentation software from Google

Zoho Document

Zoho Show stands out thanks to its functionality and the range of possibilities it offers. Zoho has a line of businesses apps that suit, not just presentation needs, but all business needs. If you have the time, it’s highly recommended that you check them out.
Zoho Show - Zoho Online powerpoint

Free online presentation makes life easier for those who don’t have access to Microsoft PowerPoint. These are nice alternatives with more themes and effects. You can simply convert them to PowerPoint compatible file and  successfully present it before an audience.


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