Windows 7 Boot Animation Updater: Change Boot Screen Logo and Text

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We have seen various tools and tweaks to customize various aspects of windows 7 but changing the default boot screen logo was not possible using those tweaking tools. Though Windows 7 provides beautiful boot logo, there are times when you may wish to customize the boot screen. This can be done with help of Windows 7 Boot Animation Updater.

Windows 7 Boot Animation Updater

Windows 7 Boot Animation Updator is a freeware portable application to customize windows 7 boot screen. With this tool you can customize the Windows logo and the text displayed along with it.

Windows 7 Boot Animation Updater Features:

  • Modifies the boot animation
  • Modifies the boot text “Starting Windows” and “© Microsoft Corporation”
  • Will compile the animation from 105 BMP, PNG, GIF, or TIFF images
  • Does not require any other applications (like ImageX)
  • Designed to be idiot-proof by having numerous checks
  • Automatically backs up the modified winload.exe and bootres.dll
  • Can be run as a GUI or command-line program
  • Works for 32-bit or 64-bit Windows 7
  • Numerous other little things (e.g. forcing timestamps) to match the original

To use this application you will need supporting files like the animated logo available on the download page. I would recommend to create a system restore point before using this application as it is still in it’s alpha stage.

Download Windows 7 Boot Animation Updater – Change Boot Screen Logo and Text