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Adobe Reader Lite – Light version of Adobe Reader


Adobe Reader perhaps is the most famous PDF reader for viewing PDF files. But, you will noticed that adobe reader take a longer time to load and loading a bunches of adobe plugins which are not required to some PDF reader user. Plus more, the Adobe reader loading time is longer than the reading time of the document that you opened.

I believe the Foxit Reader can open pretty much much faster than Adobe Reader and perform the same features like adobe reader.

However, i discover another fast loading Adobe reader version call Adobe Reader Lite. This Adobe Reader lite application is basically build based on Adobe Reader 8, but some of Adobe reader plugins and features have been removed from Full version adobe reader to respond more responsive, faster loading and lower memory use on your computer

Adobe reader liteAccording the author, the adobe component that remove are :

  • removed autorun and desktop shortcuts.
  • converted the startmenu shortcut to non-advertised.
  • removed several features and plugins that the average user has no need for. (Lite version)
  • removed Beyond Adobe and Lic. Agreement popups.

However, there are no much information what adobe reader plugins and features has been taken off from origin Adobe reader 8. But i still believe the adobe lite reader can do trick which probably most user use Adobe Reader just to open and read PDF files only. But you will found out adobe reader lite will loads in no time at all and takes up significantly less storage space than the full version of Adobe Reader.

Download Adobe Reader Lite ( 18 Languages supported )