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Avira Protection Cloud – Avira Cloud Based Anti Malware

Avira Protection Cloud

Avira Protection Cloud, Another innovative cloud based anti malware software from Avira to protect Windows user computer system away from malware threads by leveraging cloud computing technologies.

Avira Protection Cloud

Avira Protection Cloud consists of a client program that connects to Avira’s servers where the actual malware scanner is located. The cloud anti malware client program is similar like free cloud antivirus, which it doesn’t have malware detection capabilities of its own when disconnected from the Internet.

How Avira Protection Cloud Works:

How Avira Cloud Antivirus Works


The Avira protection cloud interface is the most simple security software interface I have ever seen. There are no menus here, no toolbars, no options, settings anything else: All you have to do is launch the program, click “Cloud Scan” and wait for the results.

During cloud malware detection, Avira protection cloud wills creates a list of locations that are frequently targeted by malware including running processes, start-up items and Windows services. Then the program will creates digital fingerprint of each file and submits the generated hash to the cloud where it is then looked-up and classified as clean, malware or unknown.

The biggest advantage using Avira Protection cloud wills be their less processing power, which the program consumes little computer system resources and the cloud security concept also ensures that virus definitions and digital fingerprints are always up to date.

Key Benefit Using Avira Protection Cloud – Cloud based Anti Malware.

  • Detection updates in real time
    Protection is based on the most current malware information at all times, not just when your antivirus software downloads virus definitions.
  • Scanning that is lighter than air
    The files accessed by your computer are matched against the fingerprints of files stored in the cloud. As more scanning is done in the cloud, less processing power is required by the antivirus application.
  • Access to the very latest anti-malware technology
    Access Avira’s super computing malware analysis grid and get the best Avira detection ever.
  • Prevention of false positives
    When our Virus Lab has access to unknown files at an earlier stage, it can classify them sooner and with more sophisticated analysis systems.
  • A bird’s-eye view of the threat landscape
    The Protection Cloud serves as a central location to observe attempted cyber attacks throughout our user base. In turn, our ability to address potential outbreaks is dramatically enhanced.

Avira cloud antivirus able to runs on all Windows operating system from Windows XP SP3 onwards. However, Avira Cloud protection requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 and the Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package on the user’s computer.

Download Avira Protection Cloud – Free Cloud based Antivirus