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Backup and Restore Android SMS with SMS Backup & Restore Application


SMS Backup & Restore, a tiny Android application that provides full SMS backup and restore solution for your Android Smartphone. This Android SMS Backup & Restore is developed by Ritesh Sahu, and free for download and use (but of course donation is always welcomed).

Once installed SMS backup & Restore and launched on your Android smartphone, just tap on ‘Backup SMS Messages’ will backup all your existing text messages into .xml format with prompted new suggested file name. The suggested SMS backup file name could be very lengthy with all the year, month, date, time and even seconds in sequence but users can choose any new file name at own preference.

Andriod SMS Backup Restore

Meanwhile, the Android SMS backup file can be stored on sdcard or SMSBackup Restore directory, which can be viewed on the smartphone and copied to PC for offline backup archive. The most important is the SMS backup file can be restored just in case your Android smartphone was stolen or the data was corrupted, which you restore back all SMS messaging conversation instantly. Plus more, Android users can schedule a desired time schedule so that the SMS backup activities can be performed without manual intervention.

And in order to make it compatible across different mobile device, the backup data is version-independent so that users can restore it back even on newer (or older) Android Operating Systems.

Android SMS Backup & Restore Application Features:

1. Backup SMS Messages in XML format.

  • Choose a scheduled time to automatically backup everyday.
  • Choose the name of the file to backup to.
  • Option to add and XSL style sheet to the XML file, so that the file can be opened with a browser for viewing easily. Click here to download a sample XSL File. Copy it in the same folder as the Backup XML file and then open the XML file in a browser like Internet Explorer or Firefox.
  • Option to add the date in readable format.
  • Backup format is independent of the Android version so the messages can be easily moved from one phone to another, irrespective of which version of Android it has. Tested with 1.5, 1.6, 2.01, 2.1.

2. Option to choose the format for the auto-generated file name.

3. Restore SMS Messages

  • Option to select the backup file to be restored from the folder.

4. View Messages in the backup files.

5. Delete all SMS Messages on the Phone

6. Email a backup file.

7. Delete existing backup files.

  • Option to delete old files automatically after specified number of days.

8. Import SMS Messages from Windows Mobile, Nokia Mobile phone and Sony Ericsson phones.

9. All Android SMS backup files can be viewed on the computer and edited using MS Excel.

So, this tiny Android SMS backup & Restore is definitely suitable for those that would like to upgrading Android to latest firmware without losing important communication data.

Download SMS Backup & Restore – Android SMS Backup and Restore solution