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Free Bootable Antivirus Rescue CD – Dr Web LiveCD


Dr.Web LiveCD, another bootable antivirus rescue CD that very useful especially for those Windows and Linux operating system won’t boot up according due to virus and malicious infection. This bootable antivirus LiveCD act as standalone emergency aid toolkits to clean up virus and malicious file out from your operating system or backup all important files to other storage directory.

Meanwhile, an user may choose to load the software in the standard GUI mode or start in the safe mode using only the command line. Once you choose boot up Dr Web LiveCD GUI mode, it will automatically detect all available disk drives available on computer and connect to the local network, if available. Then a Dr Web Live CD GUI desktop will be appear.

On the desktop, you can start performing virus scanning on your folder drive by performing express, full and advanced scan using Dr Web Scanner. Then Dr.Web LiveCD will clean a system of suspicious and malicious files and will also try to cure infected objects. Plus more, Dr.Web LiveCD also supports updating of the virus database and can be used to send suspicious files to the virus laboratory.

Beside that, there are other utilities tools available on Dr Web LiveCD like Midnight commander software, a data backup software that allows you backup all your information data to other storage directory, Create Live USB software (Create Dr Web Live CD USB version), Terminal software (Dos command software) and Firefox (Internet Browser).

How to create Dr Web LiveCD bootable antivirus CD:

  1. Download the ISO image of Dr.Web LiveCD.
  2. Burn the Dr Web Live CD ISO image to a CD or DVD disc with CD DVD burning software
  3. Once finish burn Live CD into bootable CD media, insert Bootable Dr Web LiveCD Disc into CD ROM and boot the computer by loading CD ROM media first.
  4. Then Dr Web Live CD screen will be loading as below. Select the options to start booting. ( I will select the Dr Web Live CD Default option.Dr Web Live CD bootable antivirus  CD
  5. Then a Dr Web Live CD GUI desktop will be loaded. Then you can start performing virus scanning to cure Virus or Malicious infection. Or use other tools for other purpose.Dr Web Live CD - Free bootable antivirus

So, Dr Web Live CD is another one bootable antivirus option you can choose. What i really like about Dr Web Live CD is the virus definition database can update once boot up the live CD.

Download Dr Web LiveCD – Free bootable antivirus CD