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Build Bootable Windows Vista and Bootable Windows 7 USB installer With WinToFlash


Previously we have posted the trick to create bootable Windows vista USB drive. The install windows vista from bootable USB drive creation required a lot of manual configuration step, which windows novice user face difficulty to build the bootable Windows vista installation CD.

However, the creating bootable USB windows vista installation or bootable USB Windows 7 installation can be done easily now with the help of NoviCorp WinToFlash, a bootable Windows USB installer creator that simplifies all the process to create Windows XP USB installer, Windows Server 2003 USB installer, and Windows Server 2008 installation USB installers. So, WinToFlash lets you easily install your Windows from a flash card, USB stick, HDD, etc to your computer or netbook.

It sounds a bit rare to hear people install Windows from Flash Memory ya. Actually, The concept is simple by using flash memory drive to act as the Windows installation DVD disc only. All you need is your Windows installation disc and a flash drive large enough to accommodate it. (A 4GB drive should more than cover any version of the OS.). So below the step to create a bootable windows on flash memory drive.

wintoflash build bootable windows USB flash installer

How to setup Bootable Windows USB installer with WinToFlash:

1. Download WinToFlash Bootable Windows USB installer software.

2. Activate WinToFlash application, then it will starts up a wizard interface to select windows installation CD or DVD content source and USB drive location.

3. Once finish select Windows installer source and the USB drive location. Press “RUN” button to transfer Windows installer content to USB drive as bootable replacement for the optical drive.

Notes: if you want to install Windows from USB drive, just make your computer configuration is boots from USB media first.

Beside that, WinToFlash can be run as portable software and free download. It’s definitely an excellent tool to add to your USB-related utilities.

Download WinToFlash – Build Bootable Windows installer Software