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Comodo Cloud Scanner To Scan Malware and Suspicious File


Comodo Cloud Scanner, a free malware scanner software that utilize cloud computing scanning technology to scan malware and suspicious files on you computer. The malware scanning tools builds with privacy issue, registry error and junk file scanning tools to detect suspicious file on your computer.

All signature detection on Comodo Cloud scanner is build based on community virus detection database. Whenever a malware threat is detected in one single machine, other computers in the cloud are warned and protected from that threat.  So, all the users are not required to download and install the latest signature files every day.

Comodo Cloud Malware Scanner

Main Comodo Cloud Scanner Features:

1. Detects malware and suspicious files;

2. Reveals privacy issues and identity traces;

3. Reveals all corrupted, unwanted and invalid registry entries;

4. Reveals all junk data from disk.

However, Comodo cloud scanner is beta version and the detection rate is inaccurate at this moment, which most of the application files were tagged as malware or suspicious file are false information. So, it is better to wait until the cloud malware scanner is stable.

Meanwhile, there is no way to resolve the issues right away on this cloud malware scanner. Unless you click on the Help me clean my PC button which will show a prompt to install Live PC Support starts at $19.00 for a one time consultation or $49.00 for a yearly subscription.

Comodo Cloud Scanner is compatible with Windows 7, Vista & XP.

Download Comodo Cloud Scanner

PS: There are other cloud antivirus and malware programs is more stable than Comodo cloud scanner such Panda Cloud Antivirus, Immunet Protect and Hitman Pro