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Create Infographics with Infogram Charts On Microsoft Excel


Inforgraphic Excel

Infogram, famous infographic creator has released Microsoft desktop application to integrate Infogram charts on Microsoft Excel. Infogram on Excel makes it easy to  transform raw data from an Excel spreadsheet and creating interactive infographics with a few clicks. It’s simple and beautiful.

Infogram says that there are “many creative people” in finance, education, and other industries and feel that by integrating its service into Excel, it will help workers create better designed data visualizations.

All data created with this infographic tools will be stored in the cloud, synchronizing automatically. Once integrated, users can take their Excel data and, instead of using the de facto chart creation tool, can elect to use their service. Plus more, Charts can be easily published on-line, shared on social networks, embedded in a news article or a blog post.

Even if you don’t save your spreadsheet you can bring your data back any time as they are placed in your Infogr.am library.


infographic world infogram chart

Infogr.am Charts for Excel comes with 30 different chart types and various designs.

Infogram Excel Chart types for Infographics supported:

  1. bar chart (regular, stacked, grouped, radial)
  2. column chart (regular, stacked, grouped),
  3.  histogram, pie chart (regular, doughnut, irregular),
  4. line chart,
  5. area chart, steam graph, stepped area chart
  6. scatter, dot plot
  7. bubble
  8. pictorial
  9. pyramid, funnel
  10. table
  11. gauge, progress bar
  12. word cloud
  13. treemap
  14. candle stick
  15. waterfall

The only disadvantages about Infogram chart desktop excel application is for  their Excel compatibility, which it can support only the latest Microsoft Excel 2013.

Download Infogram for Office – Infographic creator for Microsoft Excel