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Detekt: Free Windows Anti Surveillance Software

detekt - Windows anti surveillance

Detekt, a free Windows anti surveillance software that build for researchers, human rights workers, journalists and others who suspect they are targets of unlawful surveillance with the means to easily test their computers for known spyware.

Spyware is basically a computer application that usually runs unidentified and collects data from your computer and sends it to the origin source. In general terms, if your computer is infected by Spyware, then someone in this world can see what you are doing on your computer, can read your emails, check your conversations, see your private files and can do anything that would prove to be harmful to you!

This windows anti surveillance tool able to scan your Windows computer for traces of FinFisher and Hacking Team RCS and commercial surveillance spyware. The detection patterns are publicly accessible to the technical and security community to ideally improve other existing security products and systems.

detekt - Windows anti surveillance

It requires Windows administration rights to install and run Detekt windows anti surveillance. Before you start the scanning process or press start the “Scan” button, it’s recommended turn off internet connection and close all running application to improve the accuracy of the detection result.

Meanwhile, Detekt spyware scanning process takes few minutes and the detect result will be displayed whether your computer is infected or monitoring by unauthorised application. if your computer is truly infected, it’s advice you immediately to seek expertise help by showing them the report or log files to resolve the spyware infection problem. Or you can run anti spyware software to remove spyware application.

The only Detekt Windows anti surveillance software limitation is without any spyware removal functionality to remove spyware applications from your computer.

Overall, Detekt is a nice Windows anti surveillance software or spyware scanner that can protect you from the most harmful spyware infections.

Download Detekt – Windows anti surveillance