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DirectX 12 (Dx12) – Upcoming DirectX Software for Windows 10

DirectX 12 3DM

DirectX 12, the upcoming DirectX software is built for Windows 10 and compatible with Windows 8 as well, but the news isn’t so good for Windows 7 diehards. DirectX 12 can works across all the Microsoft devices from phones and tablets, to laptops and desktops, and, of course, Xbox One.

According to Microsoft MSDN Blog, DirectX dramatically increased performance in games, thanks to reduced CPU overhead and better support for multithreading, and significantly reduced power consumption, a real boon for owners of gaming laptops. Meanwhile, Direct3D 12 also introduces a set of new rendering pipeline features that will dramatically improve the efficiency of algorithms such as order-independent transparency, collision detection, and geometry culling.

Besides that, Intel also showing off the first public DirectX 12 demo and Direct3D 12 — and the improvement over older graphics APIs, such as DirectX 11, is really quite startling. The exact same demo under DirectX 12 consumed 50% less power than the DirectX 11 version. In a similar demo, the higher efficiency and lower overheads of DX12 allowed for a 60% increase in frame rate over DX11 while consuming the same amount of power.


Below are some of the difference between DirectX 12 and DirectX 11:

DirectX 11 3DM

DirectX 12 3DM

In addition, NVIDIA will support the DX12 API on all the DX11-class GPUs it has shipped; these belong to the Fermi, Kepler and Maxwell architectural families. With more than 50% market share (65% for discrete graphics) among DX11-based gaming systems, NVIDIA alone will provide game developers the majority of the potential installed base.

Overall, DirectX 12 can save more than 50% of CPU power compared to DirectX 11. When allowed to use equivalent power to DirectX 11, DirectX 12 can also yield 50% better FPS performance. DirectX 12 can run and show these improvements on a wide variety of devices including Microsoft’s flagship device the Surface Pro 3.

Lastly, DirectX 12 release is expected during holiday 2015 games and you properly can download DirectX 12 when Windows 10 release.

Updates: According to MSDN, the final version of Windows 10 will ship with DirectX 12