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Veeam Endpoint Backup – Free Windows File and Image Backup Software

Veeam Endpoint Backup Option
Veeam Endpoint Backup Option

Veeam Endpoint backup, another wonderful free file and image backup solutions that enables Windows users back up Windows-based laptops and desktops data to an internal or external hard drive or NAS (network attached storage).

This free file and image backup tool can supported on Windows 7 and Higher, and Windows Server 2008. It writes the file and image backups into VBK format, which is the same file backup format as Veeam Backup & Replication. The file or image data backup policy can be scheduled to run daily even your Windows system is locked, you log off, or when a specific backup drive is attached.

Additionally, Veeam Endpoint Backup FREE will have great features such as pausing the backup when the system is busy (automatically, with the optional Backup I/O Control selected), automatic update notifications, auto-recognition of the external hard drive that has your backups stored and much more.

What are the backup options available with Veeam Endpoint backup solution?

Veeam Endpoint Backup Option
Veeam Endpoint Backup Option
  1. Entire Computer – The highlight in this entire computer backup is “Backup of entire computer while excluding unnecessary files like recycle bin, temporary and page files”.
  2. Volume-level backup – Volume level backup allows only the selected volumes like system volume and data volumes.
  3. File-level backup – File level backup helps to backup individual folders and files by mask. This backup mode creates an image based backup with only selected files included in the image.

However, this Veeam Endpoint Backup doesn’t have options like the choice full /  incremental / differential backup types like their famous Veeam backup solutions.

veeam endpoint backup
veeam endpoint backup

During performing data restoration using Veeam Endpoint Backup, you will see a first screen to choose restoration recovery environment either bare metal recovery to the same or different hardware or Windows recovery environment. Then The “Tool” option allows you checking the system memory, fix startup sequences and a unique administrator password reset. There are two types of data restoration option:

  1. Volume-Level Restore : If data on a computer volume gets corrupted, you can restore this volume from the backup.
  2. File-level restore : If you have lost or erroneously modified files and folders on your computer.

Overall, Veeam Endpoint Backup is a wonderful Windows file and data backup software could even be used for organisations that still have physical servers requiring backup needs.

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