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Disk Drill – Free Mac Data Recovery Software Review


I have used Mac operating system and perform multi-tasking and multi-programming usually. However, i accidentally deleted some of important mac data files. The  data loss was resulted due to confusion and duplication of data transmitted and in respect of which it was held necessary to detect duplicate data and delete it. However, i found a fantastic free Mac data recovery software  called as Disk Drill to recover my lost mac data or, mac system information, which is already deleted from the Mac system.

disk drill - Free mac data recovery

Disk Drill can be used in case of any data, which is unnecessarily deleted by any unfortunate chance. This mac data recovery software helped me in getting some important data files and folders that were deleted by me by chance in confusion. Even it helped me to recover some past transactions and information files without any backup or recovery system.

disk drill - free mac data recover

Let me tell you some wonderful things that this mac data recovery software can do. It can recover any deleted file, document, folder or any other thing in Mac OS even if the user has already deleted that file. After using the Disk drill, I came to know that when we delete a file from our HDD, it does not loss its existence but it keeps on appearing in our system with changed name. I used the Beta version of Disk Drill and found it so easy and less time consuming to recover a deleted file that sometimes costs a lot for us.

Earlier before using Disk Drill, we can check it for any trial run by making fake files and folders and delete it for definite reason to recover back from this software. There are some others ways to recover the data which is by creating a backup in the system for data recovery in case if the user lost some data or files, he could recover it from the backup program. But most of us found it very time consuming as it needs to update that backup continuously and it occupies large space in HDD also. So, I didn’t find it reliable source of data security in my Mac system.

Disk Drill - Recover Mac data

We can also use this software for data recovery on all Mac application products like USB with Mac file system (FAT32 / HFS / HFS+ / NTFS partitions), iPhone, iPod, etc. additionally, Disk Drill also provide us with the facility of S.M.A.R.T. application (Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology) through which the software alerts us for any impending failures in our Mac OS including disk and other media failures. The user finds it very concise and reliable and easy to use software for data recovery which is also lesser time consuming and effective tool of data recovery.

You can download Disk Drill from the official site for data recovery with no cost. It takes exceptionally less time to install it on the computer system. To check the performance of the system, you can go for a trial run.

Download and Try Disk Drill – Free Mac Data recovery Software