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HESK Software – Online Help Desk Software Review


Not only web designing and web development are important to run a website and to expand its popularity, but, continuous website maintenance is most important prospect to ensure the increased value of the website. For this purpose, it is important for the website developers to create direct link with the users of internet or website customers who visit the site. Customer’s reviews about the performance of the website, information supplied, website design and resources, etc. are needed for continuous quality maintenance. When it comes to customer support system, the website owners are so keen towards increasing the value of their website through working upon the customer’s reviews.

HESK online web help desk

There is a good list of help desk software available for this purpose which create link between the customers and website administration through which the customers can directly approach the website admin department to provide them with reviews and feedbacks for improvement. But the software available in the market is highly costly and complex.

I am a website owner and administrator and always in need for customer support system. Earlier, I was using one of these costly products but I found it technically complex and time consuming to create the customer help desk on my website through which the visitor of my site can contact me directly via this program. Then I heard about Hesk and found that it is a very improved product for PHP application on the website. The main advantage or I can say the best feature of the product is that it is freeware. It puts no cost on the user and is available easily on some internet sources.

First, I thought as HESK was a freeware help desk product it would come in demo or limited version in which the details and guidelines about the use of product and HESK features would be given and it would expire in some limited time interval. But I decided to use it for that limited period as it costs nothing to me. You would not believe that I got large support from this software in context with my website maintenance and I am glad to inform you that today I don’t need any other help desk product to supervise or handle the customer support system of my website.

HESK ticket head

I was also amazed to see the vast features available in this HESK help desk software in which we can create unlimited personalized accounts for our staff members; language translator; staff support system and rating of replies given to customers by staff; etc. the most important feature that I like personally is the ticket formation for customer’s each feedback with supportive e-mail notification and acknowledgement about the reviews. Other supportive features which make it advantageous to use are that customer and administration can attach files to the message; vast database of articles, searches, categories and sub-categories, etc.

One thing that I would like to share here is that I found HESK help desk software so easy and concise to use and even a person with low technical knowledge can run his hands on it. So, for me, I would give it 4.5 marks out of total 5 because we can’t get such vast variety of features in any help desk freeware product that supports our website help desk for unlimited span of time.

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