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EasySponsorship – Collect Sponsorship Money Online


EasySponsorship is a free web application that allows you to create online sponsorship or fund raising page to collect donations. EasySponsorship is the best way to collect your sponsorship money online.

quote_leftEasySponsorship is the easiest and only way for you collect sponsorship money online! If you’ve ever collected sponsorship money before then you’ll know how messy and confusing it can get. EasySponsorship removes the mess and confusion and in a few clicks you can have a dedicated web page online and ready to collect money from anyone and everyone!quote_right


With EasySponsorship, it is the best way to raise money. All you need is to sign up for a free account at http://www.easysponsorship.com, create your very own fundraising page on EasySponsorship, email it to all your friends and get them to donate online easily. EasySponsorship supports Pounds Sterling, US dollars and Euros.

EasySponsorship features:

  • A unique website address
  • Your own choice of layout and colour
  • Fully personalized and updatable content
  • Your own photos and captions
  • Ability to email friends and family with ease
  • Track your donations and messages
  • Multiple pages running under one account
  • Round up of the best

EasySponsorship is free, you can create your own online sponsorship/fundraising pages to collect donations for fire victims, school, club and more.

Updates: EasySponsorShip Online sponsorship services is not available anymore