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External Hard Drive Recovery -5 Common Mistakes People Should Avoid

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hard drive recoveryData loss problems are common in these days and one should avoid taking unauthorized practices to recover their lost, deleted or formatted data from the external hard drive. We’re taking here the cases of data loss only from the external hard drives as user would most likely to face difficulties with their external hard drive either sooner or later.

External hard drive is used to save most crucial user data such as pictures, music and videos and provides higher level of portability.  For example, people used to store their official documents and database on to external hard drive to easily carry them from their home to office or vice versa. Due to its moving mechanical parts nature, you’ll surely fall into such circumstances of data loss. Experts says that external hard drive would most likely to fail as compare to internal hard drives because of damaged USB cable, bad power supply, infected by virus/trojan.

Below are the common mistakes that people should avoid to have successful chances of recovery from the external hard drives:

1. Avoid freezing method

Traditional hard drives use to carry multiple mechanical parts which degrade over time. It will fail either sooner or later, depends on the level of its daily basis uses and nature of environment. Failing hard drives gives freezes or inaccessibility and people often misbelieve  that putting it into freezer will make it work for one more time so could users easily take backup or move their data to any safer place.

The scenario goes like this, some experts false fully claims that freezer method will make mechanical parts of external hard drive to work in case the hard drive is pretty old or you might have accidentally dropped it from some height.

However, this method won’t work at all except making the case more worst. Moreover, doing this will give more challenges to data recovery professionals and make data recovery process more difficult.

2. Stop using the external hard drive

Keep using the drive after getting into data loss circumstances will overwrite or damaged the deleted content of your external hard drive. The header of hard drive will continue to fill empty spaces of platter when you choose to save any further data or even just using it for moving the already stored data.

People should avoid using the problem external hard drive to have higher chances of successful data recovery. It’ll help data recovery professionals to recover the lost or deleted data intact. Moreover, data recovery software can also be used on such problem drives to get back data without further damaging the actual content.

3. Bypass using free or unhealthy recovery software

Recovery software is created to handle data loss situations more accurately and avoid damaging the header content of loss data. It’ll help in getting back the lost user data exactly in the state as it was before deletion.

Free recovery software provides no guarantee of successful data recovery as well as the safe recovery of lost data. Whereas, using professional data recovery software user can have higher level of data recovery experience while offering maximum protection of lost or deleted files. Professional recovery software often claims to recover data without damaging it further or at least, recover only meaningful data for which, user is always thankful. Moreover, some manufactures like Stellar Data Recovery offers 30 days money back guarantee on purchase you made. You’ll get full refund if the recovery is unsuccessful or software just can’t able to handle your particular data loss situations.

4. Mechanical problems of hard drive can’t be fixed by software

If the problem is on the hard drive mechanical parts like platter, spindle motor or read/write head etc. you might not able to access the data stored on to it. In such cases, simply avoid powering it on and immediately seeks for the professional help.

Moreover, such mechanical problem will make hard drive unable to read by the BIOS. Performing any wrong attempts could make the situation worse and results in, impossible recovery.

5. Manufactures won’t responsible for any data loss and doesn’t offer any guarantee of data recovery

Hard drive manufacturers aren’t responsible for any data lost during repairing, transit or replacement. They don’t include the cost of data recovery under their warranty agreements.

In case the physically damaged hard drive is still under warranty, you’ll get only replacements for your current hard drive. However, no data recovery is provided during replacements. So be prepared and take the backup regular interval.