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Crowd Inspect – Scan Windows processes with VirusTotal Cloud Antivirus Engine

Crowd Inspect

Once Windows operating system start-up, there are a lot of Windows processes running on the computer background. Most of times Windows user hardly to determine which Windows processes are genuine. So, there is a Windows process inspection tool called CrowdInspect  aimed to help alert Windows users to the presence of potential malware that communicates over the network that may exist on your computer.

Crowd Inspect application is developed by CrowdStrike. It is a community host-based Windows process inspection tool utilizing multiple sources of information, including VirusTotal cloud antivirus scan engine, Web of Trust (WOT), and Team Cymru’s Malware Hash Registry to detect untrusted or malicious network-active processes. Plus more, Crowd Inspect also display the security ratings information.

Crowd Inspect

When Crowd inspect application turn on, it will displays a list of all running Windows processes similar like Windows task manager on your computer. Beside showing the standard information, Crowd inspect also showing the Windows processor local and remote port numbers and IP addresses, and reverse resolved DNS name, on-line security ratings, status icons if a Windows process has been scanned or not.

All Windows processes are monitored and scanned in real-time in crowd inspect. The scanning process will be against with antivirus cloud engines of VirusTotal’s community library to determine security ratings of the Windows processes. The security rating is represented in colour codes: 

1. Grey colour icon – New or undetectable by VirusTotal database. 

2. Red colour icon – Potential danger Windows processes.

3. Green colour icon – Safe and no issues with any antivirus vendors.

The security rating is starting from 0 to 1oo%. This mean 100 % means every antivirus vendor reported the Windows process as problematic (very bad!)

Another good thing about Crowd Inspect is you can hover the mouse pointer over an item to view additional information or right-click it to perform actions such as killing the process, copying its information to the clipboard or cutting it off from the Internet (‘Close TCP’). 

Crowd Inspect runs as portable Windows process inspection tool on on both 32 bit and 64 bit versions of Windows operating systems from XP and above. 

 Download Crowd Inspect