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Free 1 Terabyte Online Storage Space From Oosah


Oosah, an online storage services offers Free 1 TB of storage space for public. I think Oosah online storage services perhaps is the biggest online storage offers in the world. Beside online storage services, Oosah also featuring rich Web 2.0 content hosting which intergrate with Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, and Picasa.

oosah free 1 terabytes online storage services

However, there is limitation on Oosah online storages services which user can store media file types like movies, music, and pictures only. Furthermore, Oosah user can only upload videos that are 200MB or smaller, images that are 50MB or less, and MP3 files that are 9MB or less on their online storage services.

Meanwhile, Oosah online storage services has a huge disadvantages which Oosah user does not allow to upload executable files, office documents, or other files on their online storage space.

Features that Oosah Free 1 Terabytes Online Storage Services Offers:

  • Web-based file management system – create folders & sub folders
  • Desktop feel -with folders and file drag & drop, keyboard shortcuts
  • Upload content in any digital format – raw, uncompressed  image formats & video formats
  • Mobile device support lets you upload to Oosah from your phone instead of transferring to your computer first
  • Create Playlists, Slideshows or Gallery’s from your media collection.
  • Lots of sharing options for your Oosahs – Email, RSS, linking/embedding, SMS, podcasting, downloading burning to CD/DVD and local high resolution photo printing.
  • You can save media as public or private or even share it with a password.

oosah free 1 terabytes online storage services login

I personally think the storage space that Oosah offers is extremely attractive if just store media files. However, you need to be careful on the Oosah’s privacy policy. But there was no clear link to said policy. A quick Google search turned up a list of terms and conditions which also makes mention of a separate privacy policy. But it’s nowhere to be found.

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Updates: Oosah – Free 1TB Online Storage services has been discontinued.