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Free Data Recovery Software To Recover Deleted Files

recuva free data recovery

Here is free data recovery software list that allows Windows user recovers deleted files, recover or restore deleted hard disk partition, restore deleted pictures from internal hard drive or external storage drives, and so on.

This data recovery freeware can helps user recover any deleted file instantly during accidentally delete important data files. Plus more, few free data recovery that mention on the list even recover external storage devices or deleted through local network.

Before performing recover deleted data process on your hard drive or external storage driver, there are 2 simple rules require to be aware:

1. Never install free data recovery software on the drive that you are attempting to recover data from.

2. Always install and run free data recovery software from a separate drive, such as an external hard disk or flash drive.

Free Data Recovery Software List:

Recuva – Famous Free Data Recovery Software

Recuva - Free Deleted Data Recover Software

Recuva perhaps is the most famous free data restoration freeware that scan deleted files and recover data. The deleted data scanning speed is very impressive, which this freeware can indicating the deleted files filename, path, size, last modified, state (recoverable or not), and comment information.

Meanwhile, there are search file feature on Recuva (Find) to find deleted files you are looking for recover. Plus more, Recuva can brings back those deleted bugs, crashes and virus files.

Recuva data recovery setup is only 646 KB in size and can be run as portable recover data application.

Download Recuva

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Pandora Recovery – Free Recover Deleted File Software

Pandora recovery - Simple data restoration software

Pandora data recovery software is a simple restore deleted data application that able to recover few months back deleted files. Only limitation is it can’t support external data storage recovery and support only those  Fat16, Fat32 and NTFS file system only.

Download Pandora Recovery

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Undelete Plus – Free Data Recovery Software

undelete plus - Recover recycle bin files

Undelete Plus is effective data recovery software to restore accidentally deleted files that emptied from the recycle bin, permanently deleted files within Windows using the Shift + Delete, files that have been deleted from within a Command Prompt and from network drive. The supported recover of deleted files from NTFS and FAT volumes from Windows 95 to Vista.

Download UnDelete Plus

Restoration – Free Windows Deleted File Recovery Software

restoration - deleted file restoration

Restoration is a restore data software can restore back all deleted recycle bin files or those file delete using the shift key. The best part of this data file recovery software is no installation required, which can run as portable application to restore or recover Windows files anytime you wants.

Download Restoration – Portable data restoration software

Undelete My Files – Free Data Recovery Software

undelete my files - recover deleted data

UndeleteMyFiles user interface is simple to view, just select the device that contains the files that need to be recovered and specify the folder to save the files to. Meanwhile, UndeletMyFiles has advanced delete file search allows you to find and work closely with specific deleted information and files and recoverable items can be previewed beforehand.

Beside that, UndeleteMyFiles also including other features like file shredder and emergency disk image to enhance the functionality of the UndeleteMyFiles free data recovery software.

Download Undelete My Files

PC INSPECTOR File Recovery – Free Undelete File Recovery Software

pc inspector file recovery