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Free Email Client To Replace Microsoft Outlook & Outlook Express


Email has given new wings to the means of communication and the postal services are no longer in trend. Electronic media has made the job much easier and a mail sent via internet can be received within seconds by simply clicking a button.
When one thinks of sending an Email the first name which hovers round the mind is Microsoft outlook. It has been one of the most popular means of providing communication services for the past many years. But these days many free Email clients have knocked the markets challenging the sole reign of Microsoft Outlook.

Free Email Clients List:

Mozilla Thunderbird

Mozilla thunderbird is a good choice over Microsoft outlook. There is no need to spend a single penny from your pockets as you will get this service for free via the means of internet. It provides a simple Email service and has several features in it. There is a availability of group messaging, advance message filtering and multiple accounts can be created using Mozilla thunderbird. It also has the facility of changing the theme so that a new, vibrant and fresh look can be given to the account and profile of the user. There is no need to worry about the junk mails troubling the users as thunderbird facilitates to filter the junk mails from your mail inbox.

Pegasus Mail

it is another provider that provides free mail service to the users. The user can also enjoy the facility of sending telephonic messages using this program. One important feature of Pegasus mail is that it doesn’t need HTML layout design which is a part of Microsoft design since 1997. It doesn’t have as many features as available on any other mail service. But it is a simple user friendly portal available to the users.

Pegas Mail - A free outlook Express Replacement

Windows Live Mail

windows live mail is a part of Microsoft windows live. It provides free email service to the users and is an advance version of Outlook express and windows live. It can be used along with windows live contact. The users can also give trendy look to their emails by the use of emoticons. It gives you access to POP, IMAP and Windows Live Hotmail account. With these services you can get connected to Windows Live Messenger, blog, RSS feeds and calendar. The spam filter of this client is very powerful.

WIndows Mail Live - Free email client for Windows

Opera Mail

It was previously known as m2. Opera is the part of opera internet suite and provides email and news service to the users for free. Like many other email services, it also has the facility to filter the spam. It is supported by various programs like POP3, IMAR, ATOM and RSS feeds. It can sort out the messages in the user mailbox like one having attachments and other such mails. The opera mail also comes with a contact manager and IRC client.

Free Opera Mail Client


This free email client provides easy service to the users. No one can attempt to misuse the user’s account and this mail service filters all unwanted mails from the mailbox. It protects the account from fraud, phishing and spam mails. It doesn’t support as many features required for storage of a large number of emails in the inbox. But it is convenient to use.

Incredimail - Windows Mail Freeware

These are some of the free email clients which can be used as an alternative for Microsoft Outlook. All this email clients provide instant messaging feature too. The best part is that the users can enjoy this facility also free of cost. Al this comes with no compromise with the features of the Microsoft outlook.

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