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FREE CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Software


There are plenty of free Customer Relationship Management softwares available in the market these days. Better and better softwares for CRM are being produced everyday providing customers with unique and new features.

What is CRM (Customer Relationship Management)?

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a widely-implemented strategy for managing a company’s interactions with customers, clients and sales prospects. It involves using technology to organize, automate, and synchronize business processes—principally sales activities, but also those for marketing, customer service, and technical support. The overall goals are to find, attract, and win new clients, nurture and retain those the company already has, entice former clients back into the fold, and reduce the costs of marketing and client service. (Source from Wikipedia)

Some of them are web-based which are ideal if you need to manage your work from various computers. If you are new to these customer relationship management softwares, then you might want to check out a free or open source software before buying a paid one. These are great for keeping track of all of your contacts and tasks related to your business like leads from customers and everything else you might need.

So, for your ease, we have short-listed some of the best followed by a short review that will help you to find the perfect one that suits you and your needs the best.

Free CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Software List:

Vtiger – Open Source CRM Software

Vtiger is a 100% free and open source software for CRM that you can try without any hesitation. There are various features in it that can make your experience even better. This easy to use software has various features like Sales force automation, Customer support and service, Marketing automation, Inventory management, Activity management, Security management, E-mail integration and a lot more. It is completely free and costs you $0.00 but there is special software support also available for a very low-cost. Another great feature of this software is that it is available for both Windows and Linux platform and you can choose one according to your operating system.

vtiger - A free CRM Utility

Zoho CRM – Free Online CRM

Zoho CRM is another great software for Customer Relationship Management. It provides you with all the necessary tools that you need to monitor you business and your interaction with your customers as well. With Zoho, you will also get hosting solutions for all you hosting needs so you don’t need to spend that extra money as well. It is an easy-to-use software with features like Inventory Management, Expensive Product Customization, CRM API for Third-Party Integration and a number of useful plugins. Some popular CRM add-ons for Zoho are Google Apps, MS Outlook Plug-in, QuickBooks, Zoho Mail and Zoho Recruit. The free version is limited to 3 users but if you want to buy the professional version, then it is also not too expensive and any small business can afford that.

Zoho CRM - FREE Online CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Software

FreeCRM – Free Web Based CRM

FreeCRM comes with all the necessary features of a CRM but the best thing is that it is web based. As it is web based, you can get all the necessary features as well as great mobility at the same time. It is great for Contact and Lead Tracking, Pipeline Management, Support Ticket & Service Management etc. Some other great features are Advanced Security & Uptime, Superior Technical Support and Group calendaring. All these features can be used free of cost and you will not need to pay even a single buck. But, if you ever think that you need even more personalized and advanced software, then you can get the professional edition for a very low fee. In this edition, there are no ads, unlimited data storage, XML Web Services and Sync tool.

FreeCRM - A free Customer Relationship Management Tool

Opentaps – Open Source ERP CRM System

Opentaps is a highly useful CRM software that allows you to do almost everything that you might find in any other CRM software. There are various popular features of Opentaps due to which it is very popular. But the best feature is that it is CRM as well as ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software at the same time. So, you can do a lot more with it compared to other softwares that are CRM only. It is also an open source software that could be used for free. However, paid version with a lot more features is also available. It provides you all necessary features like Sales and Customers’ leads tracking, Inventory and Manufacturing data management, Financials and Reporting. Some special features like VOIP integration with Asterik Voice over IP is also available. It gives you everything related to CRM that you can think of.


These are only few of the best free softwares available for Customer Relationship Management in the market. They are really a must if you want to be in better relationship with your customers and we hope that this list has provided you with some useful information for choosing one that fits your needs.

Fat Free CRM

Fat Free CRM is open source Ruby on Rails-based customer relationship management platform. Out of the box it features group collaboration, campaign and lead management, contact lists, and opportunity tracking.

Fat Free CRM

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