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Free Internet Faxing Service – Send Free Fax Online


Here is free Internet faxing services list that allow user send free fax online via Internet connection. Most of the internet faxing services listed below is totally free but only disadvantage are some of them comes with advertisement cover.

However, I believe the ads cover should not be a big problem for most user. At least, user not need to purchase a fax machine just for sending a fax to other destination number. In addition, it also can save your time for fax machine maintenance and money.

Send Free Fax Online Services List:

FaxZero – Free Online Fax Services on Canada and USA

faxzero - free USA Canada online fax service

Free fax services allows you faxes PDF files and Word Documents to any fax machine around USA and Canada only via Internet. However, FaxZero online free fax services only limit you send twice fax only and each time faxes with maximum three pages only. Plus more, FaxZero prints an ad on the fax coversheet but leaves the main pages uncorrupted.

Drop.io – Free Online Fax Service

A totally free online fax services which allow you send Word, Excel, and PDF files to any destination fax number. All you need is sign up for a drop.io account, upload a document to your drop.io account, click on “Send as Fax”, enter the fax number (US only at this time), and send it. The only limitation is that files cannot be more than 20 pages long.

TPC Fax – Free Online HTML Fax Service

A simple HTML fax services that allow you fax for free with correct e-mail address. TPC Fax  allows you to include files which contain much more formatting than just the plain ASCII text you can send here. Meanwhile, here is the fax cover area that TPC Fax support.

Scanr – Free Online Mobile Faxing Service

ScanR, a mobile faxing service that delivers digital picture via Fax services. To use Scanr fax services, you need to install Scanr application on camera phone. Then you can start snapping pictures of the document and scan, copy or fax it to other people in PDF format via MMS or Email. Then ScanR service will cleans the photos of whiteboards, documents and business cards, extracts the printed information, and delivers a digital file to your email, contact manager or fax.

Above free internet fax services that mention, i think Drop.io is the best faxing services which support more than 20 pages onetime. Plus more, Drop.io allow you send free fax unlimited if the fax cover area supported.

If you know other free internet faxing services should include on above list, let us know via comment !!!