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Free iPhone Theme or Uploading Custom iPhone Theme using SummerBoard


Summerboard, an apple iPhone application comes with vast amount of free iphone themes. Beside comes with free iPhone themes, you can uploads other customize iphone themes on your iphone using SummerBoard. Basically It’s an extension of springboard lets you use customize your iPhone with wallpapers or themes of your choice.

Beside that, SummerBoard not only helps you customize your iPhone’s home screen with custom wallpapers or themes it also enables scrolling of your iPhone’s home screen thus removing the 16 application limit on the home screen. Plus more Summerboard features tons of configuration options to tweak the hell out of your iPod Touch / iPhone desktop.

The free iphones themes set from Summerboard:

Free iPhone Theme from SummerBoard

Since SummerBoard free iphone themes set is a third party application, you are require install Installer app first then just can install Summberboard application to your iphone OS. Here is some information provided by Michael over at TechDadBlog will be quite useful about Installer app. He points out that:

“There are now two types of installers in AppTapp, one for pre 1.1.1 firmware, titled Summerboard (Old) – version 2.11 -, and this new one just called SummerBoard – version 3.0a11. It can be found under the System Category (or folder if you are running the new Installer mentioned).”

How to upload custom iphone themes on Apple iphone:

Assuming you already downloaded and installed SummerBoard on your iphone, you can install other free iphone themes using summberboard software as below step
1. connect your iphone to your pc
2. open WINSCP in order to connect thru lan/wifi to your iphone
3. browse to the /private/var/root/Library/SummerBoard/Themes directory
4. extract the iphonethemes.rar files to a temp directory on your hd
5. browse the themes, and choose whatever you like
6. copy themes directories to your iphone /private/var/root/Library/SummerBoard/Themes directory
7. tap the SMBPrefs icon on your iphone, goto Theme, and pick your favorite theme

Download SummerBoard free iphones themes set and application