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Free Keylogger Software To Track Computer Activity


Keyloggers are specific software or applications, which are used to track activity on particular computer. Keyloggers are actually hidden applications, which commence their work after any user turns on or log in the computer. They save all the information and activities, which are performed by the user. Keyloggers are very vital for the companies, parents and the owners of internet cafes. Companies require such software so that their admins or higher authorities can check the activities of their employers and workers. Similarly, parents should have these tools so that they can monitor the activities of their children. On the other hand, cyber cafes need this computer detector software to abate the chances of cybercrime.

Free Keyloggers Software List:

Actual Keylogger

Every user who used this software admired its working mechanism. This software is very easy to use. It monitors all the activities as well as it stores the snapshots of those actions. It’s also free software. So, you don’t need to spend money on it. It saves the names of visited websites with time, keystrokes and all data, and visited folders. Actual Keylogger saves this whole information in a log file. It runs in hidden mode. So, no user can identify its presence in his computer. Only the installer can run this amazing tool. You can view all actions, including activities of the CD/DVD drives. No antivirus program or any spyware program can detect its functions. You can also hide its installed directory as well as you can hide its entry from registry and control panel. So, what else a user should have! Free Keylogger with countless benefits.
Actual Keylogger - Prominent Key Logging software

Home Keylogger

Home Keylogger is also a great computer activity detecter tool for you. Its functions are awesome. It runs in hidden mode and records all activities done via the Keyboard. It only runs by the specific sequence of buttons or commands, which an installer makes during installation. It uses a little amount of RAM and other resources of the system. It is easy to navigate. It saves all information of typed data with its time. It provides accurate access to unauthorized use of computer as well as its keyboard. It has user friendly interface and looks, which really make it handy for the user. On the other hand, it’s free.
Home Keylogger- Free keylogger utility

REFOG Free Keylogger

REFOG Free Keylogger is the best free keylogger software that saves all information and activities by saving data from the keyboard and keystrokes. It saves the typed data like username, chats and emails with their time. So, you can judge whether your employer is working or not. It also runs in invisible or hidden mode. So, nobody can detect its presence on his computer. It is also undetectable by any antivirus software and antispyware program. It’s convenient and easy to use application.
REFOG Free Keylogger - best keyloggers


Kidlogger is designed to provide satisfaction to parents as it helps them to monitor the activities of their children. It saves all information of the visited websites, chats and typed data. It saves such data in log file so that a user can view it. It’s perfect for the family users.

Monitor child's activity with Kidlogger - free keylogger

Keyloggers are handy tools if you wish to monitor a specific user account or to investigate an event. These tools are freely downloadable and you can give them a try without any difficulty.

If you know other free keylogger softwarw should mention above list, share with us ! 🙂