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To do Manager, a task management software program / online services that assist you in following the “First Things First” principle. If you’ve ever worked in a small office, you might know about how difficult it can be to stay on pace and complete an assignment. You may be wearing 5 or even 6 different hats at your job, but things still need to be completed on schedule.

If you’re coordinating with other people throughout the office or working on a collaboration project, then you need to have some type of online to do manager software. Nothing can get more convoluted then when 10 people all work on a project and none of them know what stage the project is in. In order to stay on target and complete your projects, you need to find an online task management software. Here are a few different options to choose from, some free options and others that cost a few dollars:

Online To-Do Manager List:

Google Tasks

Google Tasks is a free service that naturally integrates with other Google tools like Gmail, Google Calendar and iGoogle. Google Tasks allows users to access to categories, notes and hierarchies of projects. Unfortunately, Google Apps Sync does not have an API so it can not sync with anything but Google’s own Android platform. There is a mobile version of Google Tasks available, so you can stay on top of projects as they happen.
Google Tasks - Online task management tool

Remember the Milk

There’s not one thing this free software forgot. It’s packed with some of best features like a list manager, task manager and contact information. You can assign tasks by specific date, through tags, categories, time estimation, and even your location. Remember the Milk offers support for Google Gears while in offline mode, it has a mobile web version and works with Google Calendars. If you upgrade to the $25 version, you get sync clients for iPhone, Blackberry and Windows Phones.
Remember the Milk - Free online task management software

Ta-da List

Who needs a lot of features anyway? When it comes to needing an online task manager, do you want one that will complicate matters with a huge list of features you will probably never use? Well you don’t have to worry about confusion with Ta-da List, because their program is as basic as they come. With Ta-da List, you can create a list, name the list, check off items and share the list with chosen people. Nothing more, nothing less. There are no categories, priorities dates, due dates, or anything remotely resembling a full featured app. But, you may find that less is perfect for your needs.
Ta-da List - Free To Do manager


CheckVist gives you the option of creating lists or outlines, which you can then share with partners or export to your chosen file type. CheckVist is an excellent tool for collaboration on brainstorming projects or when you want to begin project planning. It’s a very lean and fast online app that offers excellent hotkey support without bogging down when you put added stress on it. If you use Chrome, then you have an available extension for viewing and editing lists that sits directly on your tool bar. You will not have to look far to update your tasks.
CheckVist - Manage tasks and schedule your day
For a web savvy person who spends most of the time online, a task manager is a very handy tool. It helps you plan your day and acts as a good reminder. If you are using Google tasks, the most popular task management software, you can integrate it to your desktop or your mobile device and carry it around wherever you go. Hopefully, you won’t miss your date next time.

Other To Do Lists that recommended:

  1. Toodledo  – Toodledo allows you to organize your tasks into different folders or projects, assign due-dates and priorities, and attach notes to tasks. There is also a pro package available.
  2. TaskFreak! – Although it’s not a hosted solution and requires you install it on your own server, it’s a great system. Features excellent organization, status marking, and priority control. TaskFreak requires PHP and MySQL/SQLite and installation on your server. Online demo available at site.
  3. Hi Task –  a detailed todo tool that allows you set up tasks at exact time on an exact day. You even can set up projects to do list, invite team members and easily turn HiTask from a simple to-do software to a powerful team management tool.