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Free Online Virus Scan with VirScan.Org


Free Online Virus Scan with VirScan.OrgVirSCAN , A free online virus scan service that scan suspicious files by using various anti virus engines to define the safeness’s result and the degree of suspicious files. This online virus scanning services able to scan files, which may contain viruses, trojans, backdoors, spyware, dialers.

Their online virus scan files can support up to 10MB per file upload, which is quite enough because normally document size is less than it. They support RAR/zip format also, which means that you can zip your files and then upload to the server. But, the maximum number of files contain in single archive are 10 files.

Beside that, VirScan online virus scanning rate is very consistency due to their virus definition is very up to date from various anti virus engine and please bear in mind, they can only help you to scan the suspicious file, and they are not responsible for the results. And if the results shown that the file uploaded is free from virus, it may due to the malware is new and all anti virus engine can’t detect it.

Simple review about VirScan online virus scan services:

  1. VirSCAN is a free and generally available service.
  2. VirSCAN provides users with multi-engine online scanners.
  3. VirSCAN provides anti virus vendors with suspicious or infectious files and reports.
  4. Thus, anti virus vendors are enabled to maintain their virus signature database helping their users to keep computers and information safe .
  5. VirSCAN is not involved in any commercial activities with anti virus vendors.

As a conclusion, VirSCAN online virus scan services can be treat as extra anti virus protection only which VirScan online virus scan services is supported by 26 Anti virus engine. However, You still need to install a reliable anti virus system on your PC and perhaps you can submit any file that you suspect to VirSCAN. The facts is there are no anti virus services or software can detect all type of malware, virus, and worms perfectly.

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