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Free PC Tune-up Utilities List To Improve Computer Performance


Most of us might feel annoying or frustrated when your computer start slows down to a point that it is unusable. So, i will recommended you install PC Tune up utilities package on your computer and enhance the computer performance, most importantly its computer speed without any computer hardware upgrade required.

Meanwhile, some of PC Tune up utilities even repairs issues that cause instability or BSOD (blue screen of death). Plus these PC tune up utilities even removes traces of personal information permanently that unable to recover anymore.

So, below is the best free PC Tune up utilities available in the market to give your PC a second life.

PC Tune up Utilities Pack To Improve Computer Performance:



CCleaner from the software house Piriform is among of the most popular free computer tune up utilities available in the market today. This computer cleaner software is very helpful in many different ways like cleaning Windows registry. Meanwhile, it can also delete temporary files that are not essential in your computer. It will also consequently clean your recycle bin eliminating files that you don’t need. CCleaner has a back up feature that copies your registry before it makes any adjustment to it. In case of encountering error, the whole process can be restored.

This great tune up utilities pack has recently added new feature wherein it eliminates only unnecessary Internet cookies instead of cleaning the entire compilation.

Advanced SystemCare

advanced system care

Advanced SystemCare is terrific as it can conduct multiple and various scans in your PC. The “Quick Care” scan option of this program is amazing since it quickly improve the performance of your PC. In this scan, junk files, broken shortcut and malware are eradicated to enhance the response of your machine. If you want an extensive scan, this free program also has the “Deep Care” option. This option runs all the scans made by the quick care but a lot more thorough. In addition to that Deep Care will also defragment your disk, repair Windows vulnerability issues and many more to heighten the speed of your PC. They say that quality comes with a price; you better believe that this one doesn’t since it’s free.

Download Advanced SystemCare

Glary Utilities

glary utilities

The ace of Glary Utilities is that its interface is not difficult to use. As there are numerous people who are not knowledgeable on how to tune up their PC, this user-friendly program can give them an easy time in doing so. Glary Utilities is exceptional when it comes to clearing up disk space. This program gives a helping hand when you have a dilemma about storage space. It hinders programs that are not essential at start-up. Your PC will dramatically improve its start-up time with the help of this feature. Plus more, the file shredder features can ensure the file is permanently erased that no one can recover erased file again with data recovery software.

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Download Glary Utilities 

Smart Defrag

Smart Defrag - Free Disk Defragmenter

This process is vital as this free disk defrag tool organizes your installed programs and reduces unused memory space in your PC. Defragmentation can really boost your PC’s performance by making your files load faster. There is also a “Smart Defrag” which is a faster version compared to the entire defragmentation process.

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Download Smart Defrag

Comodo System Utilities

Comodo system utilities

Comodo System Utilities is a comprehensive PC tune up utilities designed to improve the security, performance and usability of Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP computers. It comes with file cleaner, disk registry cleaner, and privacy cleaner. Meanwhile, It also utilizes the patent-pending technology of SafeDelete to safely recover any files deleted in error, eliminating the risk from the process of PC cleaning.

With this PC Tune up utilities tool, users clean their systems of damaging and/or wasteful files and generally enhance the performance of the system.

Download Comodo System Utilities

Bear in mind that Windows comes with tune up utilities tools as you buy one. Disk Cleanup and Disk Defragmenter are the two tools that can deliver great results in terms of improving computer speed. Do not forget that they are already included in your Windows Operating System and can be used any time. But if you wish to try services of other free tune up utilities, you may want to consider the programs mentioned above.