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PlacePad – Free Online Floor Plan


Placepad – online floor plan design services that allows user create house floor plan using their sketching tools provided. This online floor plan is pretty good for those new home owner just starting to lay out the floor plan, and do not care about the measurements in the beginning.

Placepad – online floor plan

Every feature in placepad is designed with the sole purpose of helping user create an interactive floor plan with photos and notes in very a short amount of time. When you start to design floor plan, PlacePad will quickly walks you through describing your place and uses that information to build the rooms needed for your floor plan. All you need is just mention details about the house specifications like number of rooms, number of floors, baths, bedroom and stairs and that’s it. All the specified structures appears on your screen and you can position using your mouse and your planning is completed in just no time. Then just position them correctly, add some doors, add some photos and notes and you’re done.

Once you finish design floor plan sketch with PlacePad, you even share your floor plan designs online with your friends.

So, Placepad is a useful online floor plan application if you want to see how your house will look like after construction or if you just want to design a layout for your dream home. The good thing about PlacePad is that you can create floor plans online easily without much effort.

One more thing is using placepad – online floor plan sketch pad fully, your web browser is required to install Microsoft Silverlight first. Plus more, PlacePad is currently still in beta stage with only the free account option available. There are no subscription fees or other charges and users get access to all the basic features offered by the site.

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