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Free SMS Text Message with Jaxtr


Jaxtr, a free sms message services that allow you send free sms message to mobile phone in most international countries for free via Jaxtr website. However, this free SMS messaging services is available for Jaxtr member only.

On Jaxtr website, you will see a free SMS messaging features on the right hand side of the website. Just type the text along with the phone number and hit send.  Then the free sms message will delivery within no time. Plus more, each message is limited to 65 characters in length, to enable Jaxtr to add content to the end of the message.

For test run, the free sms delivery take around 1 minutes to reach my cell phone. Meanwhile, the SMS recipients can reply your sms text messaging from jaxtr using thir own mobile phone or through a web link that includes on their SMS message.

free sms text message services from jaxtr

SMS messaging via Jaxtr is completely free which it support 38 countries on their list like US, UK , India , Malaysia , Singapore , Canada and lot of African nation. Plus more Jaxtr free sms text messaging is independent of the cellular service provider.

you can even create your own widget to paste on social network or website to allow other friends or people to send text message , call me or send voice mail via jaxtr widget.

Jaxtr Widget Features with free sms text , free call and free voicemail

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