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Free Sophos Essential Network Firewall for Windows 8

Sophos Free Network Firewall

There are plenty of free firewalls available for home networks. With Windows 7 and Windows 8.1, you do not need to have separate firewall, as the built-in Windows firewall is good enough. For extra security protection, you can even turn on the firewall in your router / modem to secure your network.

But if you think you need even better firewall to protect your data and computer. Perhaps you can consider Free Sophos Essential Network Firewall, an additional virtual hardware firewall to protect your computer network. This mean you need a dedicated computer to install Sophos firewall application to turn the dedicated computer software become Virtual hardware firewall.

What is Free Sophos Essential Network Firewall Editions:

Free Sophos Essential Network Firewall edition is a free Sophos UTM software version that offers fundamental firewall security functionalities to help protect computer or any business network. Sophos Essential Network Firewall gives you free basic security to easily set up firewalling, networking tools, routing and secure remote access. As your needs evolve, subscribe to Network, Web, Email, Wireless, Webserver and Endpoint Protection on demand.

Sophos Free Network Firewall

Major features of Sophos Free Essential network firewall: 

  1. Easy management: Configure all system settings using our web-based interface with no need for command line or third-party tools.
  2. Network reporting: View detailed bandwidth statistics and graphs for the traffic caused by your network resources.
  3. Place anywhere: Install as the network gateway for all traffic in routing mode, or transparently using a bridged configuration.
  4. Flexible deployment: Choose one of our appliances, provide your own hardware platform, or run inside VMware or other virtual environment.
  5. Hardened firewall: Control traffic with security rules and use location blocking to stop all communications with selected countries and regions.
  6. Encrypted tunnels: Grant users secure VPN access or secure remote access onto your network  from home offices, hotels or airports

You won’t get the Free Sophos Essential Network Firewall download directly from Sophos website, which you click on download button and fill up your details. Then sophos will sends you the instruction email how to access, download and install Free Sophos Essential Network Firewall.

However, the Free Sophos Essential Network Firewall can’t be used to detect P2P networks.

Download Sophos Free Essential Network Firewall