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Free Visual Studio 2010 Beta Download


If you’re visual studio programmer, you can download free visual studio 2010 beta version to use it now and get an early glimpse of the final version of the visual studio product. As visual studio 2010 is the upcoming windows programming editor to replace Visual studio 2008.

free visual studio 2010 beta download

This Visual Studio 2010 ships in with lots of new features and changes. You can check out the complete list of changes here. VS 2010 also features better support for Silverlight and the Windows Presentation Foundation. Plus more, this windows programming suite are focusing on five focus areas: riding the next-generation platform wave, inspiring developer delight, powering breakthrough departmental applications, enabling emerging trends such as cloud computing, and democratizing application life-cycle management (ALM). When a test application crashes, a technology will enable developers to see the bug as it occurred.

Major features of Visual Studio 2010 are:

  • Office Development in Visual Studio 2010
  • Multi-targeting create an application that works even for lower version of .Net Framework even if you have developed it for high version.
  • Parallel Computing
  • Workflow Foundation
  • Multi-targeted Silverlight development
  • Editable design surface for Silverlight.

Visual studio 2010 System Requirements

  • Supported Operating Systems: Windows Server 2003; Windows Server 2008; Windows Vista; Windows XP
  • Minimum 75 GB available HDD space
  • The host computer must have a minimum of 2 GB RAM, with 1 GB allocated to the host operating system and 1 GB allocated to the VPC.
  • We recommend that the host computer CPU be at least a Core Duo 2 GHz processor.
  • Service Pack 1 of Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 is required to access the VPC.

Two free visual studio 2010 available to download on Microsoft Download center:

Download: Visual Studio Professional 2010 Beta 1 (1121MB)

Download: Visual Studio Team Suite 2010 Beta ISO (1213MB)

Download Visual Studio Team Suite 2010 Beta Web Installer

Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate ISO (DVD-5)

Visual Studio 2010 Premium ISO (DVD-5)

Visual Studio 2010 Professional ISO (DVD-5)

Meanwhile, Visual Studio 2010 requires .net framework 4 installed on the PC.

Download .net Framework 4

So, download Visual Studio 2010 Professional and Team System Betas and see for yourself how they’ve designed inside and out to give you every advantage in creating groundbreaking applications — faster and easier than ever.

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