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Free Website Monitoring Services To Monitor Website Uptime / Downtime


Website Monitoring Services, online web service that allows webmaster monitoring their web server, website and web application uptime to ensure their sites are live and responding. I believe most of you own a website, web server and blog but when the website comes to high traffic load, we cannot estimated when will the website / web server will goes down. Plus more, you would end up losing visitors and monetization revenue if the blog, website and webserver is not available.

With the website uptime monitoring services, you can aware earlier the your website, webserver downtime and take necessary step to overcome the downtime problem. So, subscribing website uptime monitoring is essential services for every webmaster.

Over here, i have listed down some free website monitoring services list to help your monitoring website uptime. Most of free website monitoring services cover many things that an application needs to function, like network connectivity, Domain Name System records, database connectivity and bandwidth. Plus more, some of  website monitoring also performing multiple check locations to ensure your web server is available for worldwide visitor.

When any downtime occur on your website or web server, most of website monitoring able to send website downtime alerting message via email, SMS and text & Twitter. Besides that, website monitoring services regularly supply various web report such as Uptime reports, Response time reports and website error analysis report to let you study your website or web server performance on WWW.

Free Website Monitoring Services List:

Mon.itor.us – Free website monitoring services with email alerting

monitorus-best free website monitoring services

MonitorUS website monitoring services offers a free 24 X 7 X 365 monitoring website services that tracking your website uptime and downtime. Mon.itor.us will monitors your web server from various locations and alerts you when the servers are down or the response time is slower than 3,000 ms.  Plus more, Mon.itor.us alerts you of website downtimes via e-mail, instant messaging, SMS and RSS feeds.

Beside that, MonitorUS also offers website monitoring reports for uptime and response time with a simple user interface to understand plus fully loaded with bunches of website monitoring features.

Montastic – Free Website monitoring services with Email and RSS Alerting

A free website monitoring services that offers 100 URL address monitoring every 10 minutes. You will get an email alerts when the site is down and also when the site server is up. Beside that, Montastic also provides an RSS feed of your alerts.

Service Uptime – Free Website Monitoring Services with 30 Mins interval checking

Service Uptime is a free website monitoring that monitor one URL address for free only with an interval of 30 min. ServiceUptime monitor your website 24 X 7 X 365 and alert you immediately via SMS or Email upon your website accessibility, availability or performance problems. Meanwhile, they offers pretty good web monitoring reports to understand your website uptime and downtime.

Site Uptime – Free Simple Web monitoring services

Site Uptime is a free web monitoring services that offer 1 URL address monitoring with 30 – 60 minutes interval monitoring. They have one server only to monitor your web server plus limited website monitoring report features on the free account. Unless you subscribe their premium web monitoring services then you will have more web monitoring features with faster website monitoring interval.

Site 24X7 – Free Web Server and Web Monitoring Services

Site 24 X 7 offer free two website monitoring for their free account every 60 minutes or above. The URL address uptime and performance will be monitor from multiple geographical locations. Plus you will get email/SMS alerts and reports. Beside that, Site 24 X 7 also monitor DNS servers & email server round-trip time.

Pingdom – Free Website / Web Server Uptime and Downtime Monitoring Services

Pingdom is very useful website watchdog to ensure your website / services is up and running 24/7. Meanwhile, there is no installation required on your website, all you need is handle all website monitoring settings from pingdom online control panel.

Plus more, webmaster or blogger will get error alerts via both email and SMS when there is failure on their website or server. Furthermore, you will get 20 SMS alerts for free, and alerts via email are always free.

FreeSiteStatus – Free Website Monitoring and Status Alerts

The free service has nine separate locations monitoring you servers every minute. Various additional features can be purchased for little cost, as well as a service configuration wizard to help you create your monitoring service. One cool feature FreeSiteStatus offers is the ability to create one-time or recurring maintenance windows where monitoring of the servers can be suspended.

If you have any more free web monitoring service to add to the list, please do share it in comments.