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Windows Azure Free Windows hosting

Windows Web Hosting is a services of hosting a website over a Microsoft Windows Server environment. Any Windows web hosting provider will allows you as webmaster to use the latest Microsoft web technologies such as IIS, ASP.Net, C sharp, Silverlight and etc on the .Net framework to host Microsoft’s web programming online. Meanwhile, the classic ASP programming language, MS SQL and even MS Access databases are also supported.

Normally Windows web hosting is suitable for those .NET or ASP programmers or those web designer using MS Front Page or its successors MS Expression Web and MS SharePoint Designer, which they won’t develop headache when it comes to supporting these Windows web script extensions.

Over here, i have compiled several best free Windows Web hosting providers that offers free web hosting to host your Microsoft’s web programming project online.

Best Free Windows Web Hosting Provider List:

Web host for ASP.net

Web host for asp.net Windows web hosting


Web host for ASP.net is an ideal windows web hosting if you want to your temporary host ASP.net Windows web services online without any cost. It consider one of the best free Windows web hosting providers, which the entire Windows hosting is host under Windows 2008 with IIS 7.0 and fully support Microsoft Web programming language like ASP, ASP.net, WPF and WCF.

Other web hosting features are Web based file manager, 2GB bandwidth monthly, Web Hosting Control Panel, Unlimited Access Database, Front Page Access, Web Based File Manager and Free MySQL Databases.

Visit Web Host for Asp.net

Windows Azure – Free Windows Web Hosting

Windows Azure Free Windows hosting


Windows Azure is Windows free web hosting that provides every customer the ability to host 10 ASP.NET Web Sites for free 3 months only. On their free Windows web hosting, you can enjoy features as below:

  • Host ASP.net website  – Create web sites using ASP.NET MVC, Web Forms, or Web Pages.
  • SQL Database – Easily host data using a managed SQL Database offering. Connect using Entity Framework, ADO.NET, LINQ to SQL, or NHibernate.
  • Visual Studio – Publish ASP.NET sites & SQL Databases in seconds directly within Visual Studio. Automate deployments using TFS or GIT.
  • Virtual Machines – Easily deploy & run Windows Server & Linux virtual machines. Migrate workloads without having to change existing code.

On the free three months windows Azure hosting trial, you also allocated with 70Gb storage space with 50,000,000 storage transactions, 20GB data backup, data transfer / unlimited inbound & 25GB outbound, CDN / 20 GB outbound with 500,000 transactions and 128MB server caching.

To use Windows Azure is easy, all you need is valid Windows Live account and credit card are required for proof of identity. There is no obligation to purchase at the end of the free trial. The trial includes monthly allocations for use.

Visit Windows Azure – Free Web Hosting for three months

Somee – Free ASP.NET Hosting

Somee Free Windows ASP.net Hosting


Somme Free Windows Web hosting is hosting under Windows 2012, Windows 2008R2 or Windows 2003 environment. The Windows technologies supporting features on are IIS 8.0; ASP;  ASP.Net; MVC; Silverlight, MS SQL Express 2012 / 2008R2 / 2005 and some standard components.

However, Somme Free Window web hosting packages is limited that you will get 150MB storage, support one domain name only, 15MB Ms SQL database size and 40MB backup storage size. Plus more, there are no credit card or other payment information required to pass the registration.

Visit Somee – Free Windows Web Hosting

Free ASP Web Hosting

Free ASP Web Hosting


Another free Windows Web Hosting that offers 2048 MB of lightning fast storage, 20 GB premium traffic, support for all ASP versions / .NET frameworks (1.0, 1.1, 2.0, 3.0, 3.5 & 4.0) and a whole lot more. Meanwhile, the best part is all free web hosting account comes with 50 MB MsSQL Database, which enables you to use Full Text Search, LINQ and ADO.NET Data Services.

Meanwhile, Free ASP Web Hosting also providing Plesk 10 Windows Hosting Control Panel that can easily create, update & maintain all aspects of your web hosting account. Plus more, you can either use your own domain name or either pick yourname.freeaspwebhosting.org.

Free ASP Web hosting is very suitable for those experienced ASP.NET developers or people want to learn ASP & MSSQL.

 Visit Free ASP Web Hosting

Brinkster – Free Web Hosting


Whether you’re a student and Microsoft developer, learning basic HTML, or just getting a better understanding of how websites are built and hosted, Brinkster free web hosting package is a perfect fit and comes with a robust set of Windows hosted tools and features.

Visit Brinkster Free Hosting

If you need Windows web hosting just to test your ASP script online, we’ll recommend Windows Azure services or Free ASP Web Hosting. Let us know, if we’re forgetting any other cool free windows web hosting providers.