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GFI LanGuard – All in One Network Security Scanner

GFI Lan guard

SMB’s looking for security solutions face a major challenge. They are threatened by all the same things that enterprises face, and they have to be concerned with all the same maintenance tasks that enterprises do. While the scale of the network they must protect may be smaller, the scale of the threat is not, and yet the SMB must operate on a shoestring budget, and the security team consists of the same one person who handles the email system, sets up laptops for new hires, and has to help the CEO set up their newest gadget at least three times a month.

Without the big budgets and the dedicate staff, finding the right network security tools for the jobs at hand is critical, so we were very excited to test drive GFI Languard. GFI LanGuard is a kind of Swiss Army Knife for the network admin, combining the maintenance tasks for good security like patch management and software deployment, with the proactive tasks of vulnerability scanning, inventory, and auditing.

Here’s what we found when we tried it out for a week.

GFI LanGuard – Ease of Installation 5 / 5

No one who needs a product like GFI LanGuard is going to have the time to spend reading a lengthy deployment guide, so we just double-clicked the installer to see what would happen. The installation was as straightforward as we could want, and we were up and running very quickly.

GFI LanGuard – Getting started 5 / 5

GFI Lan guard

Once the installation completed, the management console automatically launches and scans the local system. The admin console offers easy to navigate tabs along the top of the screen with shortcuts to the key areas.

GFI LanGuard can scan machines over the network using an account with administrative permissions, or you can deploy agents which handle the scanning locally and then report up to the server. You may choose in many cases to combine these two methods depending on the systems in question.

GFI LanGuard- Patching and Software Deployment 5 / 5

GFI LanGuard offers admins several tools for taking care of their systems. Admins can deploy patches and service packs, deploy full applications, roll back or uninstall, and even remote connect to machines. Think of it as that Enterprise SCCM but at a price the SMB can afford.

The patching can even handle third party apps, like Flash and Acrobat, which have always been a pain point for SMBs to keep up to date.

GFI LanGuard – Logging and Reporting 4 / 5

GFI Lan Guard Report

There’s a full range of logging, auditing, and reporting options available to help you keep on top of every system in your network. Say good bye to the spreadsheets for tracking inventory.

You also have reporting and compliance options available, which can be very helpful for maintaining PCI compliance.

Summary 19/20

For the SMB looking to deploy security, patching, software deployment, and auditing tools, getting all of that and more in one package makes GFI LanGuard a very attractive option. It runs well, consistently, and can handle any of the myriad tasks the overworked admin might otherwise have to backburner, or worse, put off until after a security incident occurs. Consider GFI Languard today.