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How to Fix BOOTMGR is missing Error


Imagine yourself in a pitch-black room and the only thing you see are bunch of words and a blinking rectangular object and you don’t know where these came from. Pretty scary isn’t it? Unfortunately you can encounter this dreaded confrontation with your computer. It’s as frightening as to the situation I let you imagine. “BOOTMGR is missing” basically means that your computer is no good in this situation unless you do something about it. BOOTMGR is a shortcut for Boot Manager and if that is missing, your computer would not load its operating system. That is why your computer is useless. If you are in this situation, I’m now telling you to give yourself a good sigh of relief because there are a bunch of fix Bootmgr ways on how to resolve this disaster.
Fix Bootmgr
You might see this if the boot manager gets corrupted or if its overwritten by another boot sequence, (for instance, installing a newer version of windows or another operating system like linux might overwrite the existing boot sequence) and render the computer unproductive. Save the panic attack for later though. There are simple fix bootmgr procedures that can probably fix this.

Try your luck Restarting the computer

Rebooting or restarting your computer can be your simplest fix bootmgr solution to this problem. It is not a myth when people say that “70% or more of computer problems can be resolved with a system restart.” This one is true. This error message might just have appeared there by accident. Don’t burst into action by looking for complicated solutions, try restarting your computer first.

Something may be “driving” your computer nuts

Have you ever set your computer to boot first from your CD Drive or USB ports? If you did, then this might solve your problem. Remove all USB’s and CD’s from your drives because your computer might be searching those ports first for your operating system and is looking for your BOOTMGR.

Out with the Bad, In with the New

Fortunately you don’t have to do a full reformat of your computer when you encounter this error message thus you don’t have to worry about your files being deleted. Try fixing the main components of your operating system first. How? Insert your Windows disk into your drive and simply select the “Start-up Repair” option. This option is usually the first in Windows Vista , Windows 7 and Windows 8. This will replace the corrupted or missing components with new ones such as the BOOTMGR without affecting your files. This can be time consuming at times, but patience is always a virtue.
Windows Startup Repair

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Manual fix bootmgr way with Windows command prompt

Manual Option: Boot from your Windows CD DVD and select Repair your Computer -> Command Prompt, execute the following commands: bootrec /fixboot bootrec /fixmbr Reboot.

Hardware Problems

As this is the fourth suggestion going to be mentioned, this one may be the tedious of them all. You may have to open up your computer to look for loose connections. Your hard disk may be not getting enough power caused by loose wiring. Try checking on other wirings too as they can be the source of this problem

Until Death Do Us Part

Your files are so important to you that they are like your wife. Unfortunately when it comes to this situation that the said methods didn’t work, you have to part ways with your files as you need to reformat your machine. All of your files and programs will be deleted and the operating system will be a new one in order for you to use your PC again. It is just the same when we suggest you to replace your dead hard disk and install a new operating system. A malfunctioning hard disk too can be caused by missing BOOTMGR.

So do not fret when you see “BOOTMGR is Missing” in your computer if you do the one listed above you can rest assure you can have a working computer in the time. Share with us if you know any fix bootmgr tips.