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KernSafe TotalMounter – Free virtual CD / DVD-ROM / RW / RAM Emulator


KernSafe Total Mounter, free virtual CD/DVD-ROM/RW/RAM emulator software that let you mount a CD / DVD images such as bin, cdi, mdf, ccd, nrg, img files as virtual drives. Besides mounting disk images as virtual drives, you can also make these images by creating a CD/DVD-RW virtualized drive and burning virtual data using burning software.

kernsafe total mounter

Beside that, KernSafe Total mounter also a free full featured iSCSI initiator, Virtual Discs and it is a client of INetDisk. Which you can write technology in iSCSI indicator with their virtual writes technology and burns it with any burning software.

KernSafe Total Mounter Key Features

  • It serves as a CD/DVD-ROM emulator that mounting image files such as iso, cdi, bin, mds, mdf, img, raw, ccd, nrg in to a virtual CD/DVD-ROM drive.
  • CD/DVD-RW/RAM emulator that you can create “write” data into an CD/DVD drive, and you can also create ISO 9660 files by using CD burning software.
  • Provides a iSCSI Initiator for mount iStorage Server and other iSCSI Target.
  • Provides a INetDisk client for mounts INetDisk Server.
  • Provides Virtual Write technology , so that you can copy files into a read-only drive and do not affect the peoples using other clients.
  • Provides a network-bridged method. It exports an existing partition, disk, CD/DVD-ROM to clients as a virtual iSCSI drive.
  • Provides as max as 8 virtual drives.
  • Provides simple and banausic management tool, to manage virtual drives.
  • No restrictions on disk capacity, total number of hard disk installed, number of CPUs or CPU cores, and the amount of RAM.
  • Fully conforms to the latest iSCSI Standard 1.0

Download KernSafe Total Mounter