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Norton Internet Security 2010 Beta Download


After introduces Norton Antivirus 2010 beta download, here is Norton Internet security 2010 beta download for public download. Norton Internet security 2010 is a more advanced security suite compare to antivirus product. Meanwhile, the performance of Norton Internet Security 2010 is significant improved by offering superior performance, improved protection, and features to help preserve the performance of your PC.


Furthermore, NIS 2010 includes identity theft protection in the form of a browser plug-in that ensures you aren’t browsing phishing websites, plus a system that monitors your network for security breaches (including when you’re connected to public wireless hotspots). Put more simply, all the features of Norton AntiVirus appear in Norton Internet Security.

Beside that, Other improvements included in Norton Internet Security 2010 is Norton Insight, which identifies trusted applications to accelerate the scanning system, and a spam detection system based Brightmail. Plus more, the Norton Internet security 2010 editions will focus on reputation-based malware detection—a technology that can detect zero-day malware that’s never been seen before—but won’t discard existing signature-based detection for known threats.

Meanwhile, Norton Internet Security 2010 also improves Norton Parental control and Norton spam filtering features in the new edition. As part of the Norton licenses, NIS 2010 users will receive a free subscription to OnlineFamily.

Download Norton Internet Security 2010 Beta