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Make Money From YouTube With Adsense


Here is an interesting story about “how you can make money from youtube with Adsense”.  As you can embedded youtube video with adsense unit to monetize.

YouTube video clip Make Money From  With Adsense

The ads monetize strategy allow you inserting AdSense text-based advertising into the video player. You won’t see any no intrusive ads pop up and block the video you’re watching, and you won’t be asked to pause your video to watch another video. Instead, you’ll just see relevant text ads above your video. Beside that, You can embed AdSense units into Youtube players where you can select the categories to include and exclude according to your target audience.

Here is some screenshot about the Youtube Adsense Player:

Make Money From YouTube With Adsense

You can do so through YouTube.com directly. Visit any specific video page and look for the code in the ‘Embed’ box, or sign in to your YouTube account to create a playlist. In addition, please note that this change won’t affect the availability of other video-related ads options — video ads may appear in your AdSense for content ad units if you’ve opted into image ads, and AdSense for video is still accepting applications from eligible publishers who produce video content.

However, This Adsense editing features on youtube is available for those premium content providers only. But i believe it will be available for all youtube user in future.

if you’re frequent youtube video uploader, why not you monetize your video uploading clip?

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