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Make Free Calls from Any Web Browser – Gizmo Call


Gizmo Call, An online service that makes free internet phone calls possible from any web browser. Gizmo call is based on Flash plugin on web browser which enables users to make free calls by typing a phone number into a text-field in a browser. Beside that, you even can directly enter URL with telephone number (Example : http://gizmocall.com/1800828828 ).


This Gizmo free calls services seem like pretty good since it’s offer 5 minutes free calling per day to any phone number worldwide. If you register with an email address then you will enjoyed double of free call minutes. Furthermore, You can make unlimited free calls to anyone that using Gizmo Project, Windows Live Messenger, GoogleTalk, or any SIP device, including Nokia’s N800 internet tablet and N80 wi-fi mobile phones.

Gizmo Call also included custom CallerID features which enabling users to customize their CallerID, so when they make a web call it can appear to come from their mobile or office phone. As a web browser services, Gizmo Call allow user to integrate Gizmo Call services into their blogs and social network pages.

It currently supports Windows and Mac OS, but Linux support is on the way. Linux support is delayed due to delay in releasing the Flash Player 9 plugin by Adobe. Gizmo Call works with Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox, and Safari browsers and requires Adobe Flash 9 to be installed on the computer.

For me, Gizmo Call has been nice step forward on VoIP sector since everyone can enjoy free call from anywhere with internet access. Plus more user no need to install any software and less troublesome for novice user. Perhaps in future, This services will be very useful in your life 😉