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Online Floor Plan Design Service – PlanningWiz


PlanningWiz, an online floor plan design service that allow you sketch of a floor plan on web browser. This online floor plan tools is definitely a nice online tools plan out your next redecoration or plot the layout of your next furniture rearrangement.

PlanningWiz - Online Floor Plan design

This online floor plan design services is simple and easy to use; all you need is design and decorate your room with mouse clicks using drag and drop feature. There are plenty of useful options that can plot the room planner very flexible. Draw floor plans, edit and measure floor dimensions, add different floor textures, customize rooms by furnishing them with different furniture, resize and rotate furniture objects, color objects, and more.

Beside that, you can either load pre-made plans and modify them to suit your space or create your own plan from scratch. There are templates for furniture covering everything from couches to tables to beds and cribs.

PlanningWiz Online Floor Plan Design Tool Features:

  • Draw and design your room online.
  • Create as many plans as you like.
  • Add furniture (drag-and-drop interface), add different floor types, add doors and windows etc.
  • Resize, rotate and color the objects to your liking.
  • Save your plans on PlanningWiz or print them out.
  • Share your plan with others.

if you can’t visualize your home design layout in future. Try out PlanningWiz Online floor plan design services. At least, it can save the floor plan that you design as well which can help sales teams in future marketing campaigns.

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